Brazil Butt Lift

Yay! If you are here, that means you are thinking about doing Brazil Butt Lift or wondering what the heck it's all about. While I have a love/hate relationship with working out (sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it but I ALWAYS love the results!)...I always love doing BBL. Something about it that is just FUN. 

Consider this your complete guide to Brazil Butt Lift.

The workout

  • What is Brazil Butt Lift? (Coming soon)
  • Does Brazil Butt Lift REALLY work?
  • Which Brazil Butt Lift Schedule should I follow?
  • What comes with Brazil Butt Lift?
  • How can I get the BEST results with Brazil Butt Lift?
  • How much does Brazil Butt Lift cost?
  • What can I expect when doing Brazil Butt Lift? (Coming soon)
  • How quickly do you see results? (Coming soon)
  • Review of each workout (Coming soon)
  • The Pencil Test (Coming soon)
  • How to lift my butt (Coming soon)
  • Which Package should I get- regular or deluxe? (Coming soon)
  • My favorite moves (Coming soon)
  • Pros/Cons of BBL (Coming soon)
  • What to do after Brazil Butt Lift? (Coming soon)
  • I missed a couple of days- should I start over? (Coming soon)
  • How to get a bigger butt with Brazil Butt Lift? (Coming soon)
  • Besides your butt and legs, which other part of the body does BBL work?

The Equipment 

The Meal Plan
  • The Meal Plan (Coming soon)
  • The 6 Day Super Model Slim Down (Coming soon)

  • How many calories should I be eating (Coming soon)
  • How many calories do you burn doing BBL? (Coming soon)


  • Brazil Butt Lift Results
  • How to get the Best results (Coming soon)
  • My feature on the BBL Master Series (Coming soon)
  • Success Story- Tara Helwig
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