Which Brazil Butt Lift workout schedule should I follow?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

All bootys are NOT the same! So fitness programs should not all be the same for everybooty (hehe) Whether you are a pancake, sponge bob or wide load- Brazil Butt Lift offers a different workout schedule to fit your shape and your goal. 

Whether you are thinking about getting BBL or you already have it...you have to first figure out...what type of booty do I WANT and have type do I HAVE.  Now it's important to remember that you are amazing and you should work on being YOUR best...not someone else's best...

I love love love Oxygen Magazine! and I've pinned a million hot fit bods on Pinterest but sometimes I worry that too many women are setting up unrealistic expectations for their body type.
As you are setting your goals, don't wish you have "so and so's" body. Set your goal to have YOUR BEST BODY!
So let's get to work!

There are 4 common types of butts
Too flat or square, Pear shape, Too Big, and combination.  I had NO trouble figuring out mine was too big haha Read the descriptions and see which one stands out to you.

1. Too Flat or Square

Shape: Lacking oomph? The flat fanny lacks shape and volume. This butt needs some POW! If you are this type, your straight shape extends from the waist to the thighs with no curves.
Solution: You will follow the "Lift & Shape" schedule. This schedule will help you shape and tone all of the butt muscles for a "volumizing" result! Follow this plan to get rounder and firmer!

2. Pear Shape

Shape: You are CURVY! which is a good thing but disproportional...a little too big below the hips and a little bit out of proportion. Larger hips & stubborn saddlebags that stick out to the side give you a wide-angle silhouette.
Solution:  You will follow the "Slim & Shape" schedule. This is going to deliver the optimal combo of cardio and toning work. Leandro's signature Brazilian dance moves will slim those bulges while the toning moves with shape the muscles underneath so your butt rounds out BEHIND you, not to the sides. 

3. Too Big

Shape: While your booty is round & full, it's too heavy and busts  out in the wrong places. Usually flabby and dimply (eek cellulite), it's a little too much of a good thing. 
Solution: You already have the volume- you just want to slim down and tame the beast. You need help getting rid of the cellulite so you require cardio and sculpting to burn the fat and shape your booty.  Follow the "Slim & Lift" schedule. You'll shape your booty in all of the right. To reduce cellulite, make sure you are eating a diet rich in natural whole foods and drink your water (60-100 oz).

4. Combination

Shape: Can't figure out what shape you have? Or maybe you are a lil of ALL of the above? All you need is to remove part of the fat and get some shapely toned muscles to add oomph to your backside.
Solution: You'll follow the "Classic" Schedule for the ultimate booty-beautifying results. You'll work everything in balance to create a bootylicious butt!

If you read all of these and you're still confused or your butt doesn't fit into any catagory...your booty is mostly likely a combination. You'll love the classic schedule. 
You can always switch it up later and honestly...you can NOT mess it up. I promise! You'll get amazing results no matter which schedule you follow!

Once you get your workout, you'll get this nifty little pencil test. I completely failed this!! Until I finished the workout anyway

So what is this workout all about? This video will give you an idea of what Leandro is like- he's the sweetest most hilarious trainer. I love his energy and cute accent!


If you want to get the absolute best results possible, I recommend a few things...

  • Brazil Butt Lift workout
  • Shakeology (replace one meal a day with it)
  • A support system
  • Accountability (see above)
  • A HEALTHY, filling and nutritious diet (Shakeology plus the meal plan from BBL)
The EASIEST way to get all of those? Get Beachbody's BBL Challenge Pack. If you purchase it HERE, you will be assigned to MY team with ME as your personal coach. I will help you every step of the way. 
This includes the workout program, Shakeology, a customized meal planner and me! =) 

I'm starting a Bombshell Booty Challenge group soon. Looking for 5 girls to follow the workout schedule with me and get the BEST possible results so we can show off our skinny jeans and scrunch butt bikinis! lol Love those things! 
To join, get your Challenge pack and EMAIL ME! heifnerk@gmail.com

If you have more Brazil Butt Lift Questions, Check out my Q&A Page!
MY personal results from Brazil Butt Lift! I followed the Classic schedule for 6 weeks, ate a VERY clean diet, drank 60-100 oz of water daily  and I incorporated one shakeology shake in a day. If you would like me to coach you through the program for free, sign up on my team here
This is why it's SO vital to take your pics! You don't have to share them like Eunice did...but it really shows your progress! Go Eunice!
My good friend Rachel Brook's 30 and 60 day progress with Brazil Butt Lift!
Good friend and mother of 3!!! Sarah Mullins progress with Brazil Butt Lift
Ryann's Brazil Butt Lift Results

Tracking Your Progress

Make sure you take Your progress pictures!!

What different body fat %s look like- the number on the scale isn't a good way to judge progress. You are better off judging by your body fat %
It's not always about the scale...in fact I don't judge my progress by the scale at all!

She did NOT do Brazil Butt Lift, but I want to illustrate a point...work your booty ladies!!
A great sample meal plan by Tosca Reno. I highly recommend her book "The Eat Clean Diet"
My gf's and fellow Brazil Butt Lift Lovers hehe
A sneak peak at Brazil Butt Lift Master Series  The next step after you've completed Brazil Butt Lift

Do you hold yourself back because you’re afraid that the outcome will somehow be negative?

-Reduce the time you are exposed to negativity and negative people
-Stop putting yourself down. Affirm that anything you desire is possible, and it will BE possible – even if you don’t have all the technical skills (with the right attitude, you can learn them).

-Believe in yourself and what you can do! You are stronger than you think!

The top pic is my friend Ryann's BBL results. The bottom comparison shows the difference between being "skinny" and HEALTHY. Work those MUSCLES! Give your body SHAPE and CURVES!


  1. I have the issues related to my butt, and I am in search of optimal solution for that, from above article I conclude that Brazilian Butt Lift workout is the best solution for that.Thanks

  2. Hi can you please tell me how to rotate the 30 day workout schedule i was lent the dvds by a friend but i do not have any of the documents, i have downloaded a printable workout program for my shape but just want to know, after completing week 4 do i then go back to week 1. Thanks
    BTW Your results are such an inspiration you look awesome

    1. Hey girl! Yes you would just go back to week 1 and do the schedule over again! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  3. Hi! I'm french and here in france it's quite difficult to get this program. I'm getting a dowloaded version of the dvds. Yet I couldn't get the books with the detailed programs and have no idea how to begin all this with. You look just great and i loved going through your blogg. Thanks for the help :) (and sorry for my english!)

  4. Thank you! You helped me find out that i should do the slim & shape schedule. And i totally passed the pencil test, first i was bending my leg to make it stick in nearly a central butt part, but then i realised in the mirror that it should be parallel with my leg, not so deep into bootie. when i tried to stick it like in the picture it kept falling, after this i felt so proud and saved the red quote picture :D

  5. Hello Kati, I have just started with the BBL and when I look your pics I can only look forward for my results. It is very motivating. Thanks for sharing. Can I ask you which was your plan? Just workout? Any additional tip? Thank you!

  6. I stumbled upon your blog this morning while looking for the BBL workout schedule in PDF form because I misplaced my Booty Makeover Guide. I hadn't realized until now that there are different schedules for the different body types. I just got my program last week, but began this Monday. I think it's wonderful how brave you are to put yourself out there for others to see your progress, which is fabulous by the way and I hope in 30-days I can see a change in my body.

    Now GFC following,
    Cathy Kennedy's Blog

    1. Thank you so much! I cant wait to hear about your results!! Good Luck girly!!

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  15. The schedule I have chosen has two workouts per day, do I do one in the morning, then the other in the evening? Can I do both at the same time, due to timing?

  16. Really nice blog and it helped me a lot in getting the knowledge of, Thanks a lot for sharing an article on brazilian butt workout

  17. Has anyone done the flat solution program? I need volume and I hear Leandro talk about " that's whats going to give you the straight form in your legs" I'm not interested in being straight, I want curves. I'm afraid to loose the little volume I have.

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