Monday, March 14, 2011


     Or maybe shocked is the right word.
     As you can see, this food demonstration tells the whole story in the form of a simple equation. the muffin on the left has no added fat or sugar, but has 720 calories! The calories come from flour, the muffin's main ingredient. What's more, since the flour has been refined, the muffin has little nutritional value.
     To figure out what that muffin equals--in terms of calories--just think of all the foods on the right.
     The equation states a simple fact: All the food on the right adds up to the same number of calories as the corn muffin on this page.  Have a couple handfuls of grapes. If your still hungry, how about two pears, half a papaya, and half a cantaloupe? Enjoy half a kiwifruit, too. If you want a couple rolls, go ahead. Still hungry? then slice up a whole fresh pineapple, add it to everything you've just eaten, and keep on munching until you're full.
     The choice is yours.