Eat Real Food

Friday, April 15, 2011

I read this on How Sweet it is and I love her view about food! Just had to share. When I tell people I value eating healthy, I feel like they think I am living some crazy deprived life. But in fact, I am not...I feel so much better than I ever have, I enjoy my food, and I know I am treating my body right. I make the decisions that are right for ME.  I feel bad for the people who view science experiments as food. Eat real food :)

How can you consider yourself healthy when you eat bacon, white flour and heavy cream?
“Healthy” is subjective. I consider myself healthy because I don’t eliminate any food groups, I eat what I want in moderation, I exercise regularly, and I thoroughly enjoy my life. I don’t use “fake” food and rarely use food substitutes. I find that a little of the “good stuff” goes a long way, and I’d rather eat that than eat a moderate or large amount of the fake stuff. I don’t judge others’ lifestyles – I think “being healthy” means doing what realistically works best for you and makes you happy. It’s different for everyone.
A life without bacon and cream would be a miserable life to me. I love delicious food – some healthy and some not-so-healthy.  I see nothing wrong with that.