Sunday Spa Day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween!!! Just another Southern Belle hunting some bucks! 

Zombie Cheerleader & Southern Belle 
 After all of the Halloween craziness this weekend, I definitely needed to recover and recoup. I used to dread Sundays because it just meant the start of another week...literally the being the furthest point away from the next weekend. How awful is that?!
Thankfully, I did a little attitude adjustment! Now Sundays are SUNDAY FUN DAY SPA DAY! Who wouldn't love that!? It started out small with some soothing tea and epson salt. But now, it's officially a ritual.

Sunday schedule:
Wake up, go back to sleep. Wake up again, go back to sleep again. Repeat & enjoy!
Make grocery list. Decide on a meal plan for the week
Grocery shop
Come home and put hair mask and face mask on
Wash and chop veggies and portion out
Take a LONG relaxing shower!
Lounge around in robe- paint nails, put lotion on, use laser hair thingy
Finish preparing meals for the week
Wipe down kitchen
Honestly, why didn't I think of this sooner?!
Relaxing with my moroccan oil hair mask on!

Supplies for the day!
This weeks Spa Day Supplies:
  • Moroccan oil Hydrating Mask 
  • Body Shop Body Focus Cellulite Serum It makes your legs tingle like be-jaysus, and has caffine and mint – key ingredients to reduce cellulite
  • The Body Shop Massager It's used to massage the skin around your butt, thighs and even your tummy (any place that cellulite is evident) to help build circulation and to break up excess and trapped fluids in your skin…these fluids help to build the appearance of cellulite. I don't know if it works, but it makes me feel pampered lol
  • Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover  CELL2CELL Anti Aging Exfoliating Cleansing Scrub It says it brightens and soothes skin & protects cells from free radical damage. All I know is, it made me skin SOFT!!
  • John Frieda Frizz Ease This has always been a staple for me- it just works!
  • Crest White Stripes I ONLY ever get the advanced seal. 
  • L'OREAL Youth Code Day Lotion SPF 30, it makes my skin feel nice and it was recommended by a guest on Dr. Oz. I'm sold =)
  • L'OREAL Skin Genesis It's supposed to give you tighter, firmer skin. It would prob work if I remembered it use it daily. Whoops. lol 
  • Sally Hansen Nail Care  I LOVE the Insta-Dry line of nail polish! By the time I forget to be careful with my hands, it's already dry!
  • Control Freak by Bed Head  They just make everything right- this stuff makes your hair shiny and smooth! Another favorite...After the Party Smoothing Cream! O M G if you have frizzy hair, you need to try this!!!
  • Tweezers! I only bring this up because these are from Revlon and hands down the best I've ever owned! Slant Tip baby!
  • Coppola Keratin Complex (Not pictured) I didn't use this today, but I just got it and LOVVVEE it!! It's heaven for your hair.
Are you wondering what that weird gun looking thing is?? You can blame my sister for this one because as soon as she told me about it...I HAD to get it! It's called the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser  You can do it at home! I just got it and have only done it a few times so I will keep you posted on the results!  I ALWAYS read reviews before I buy anything lol So here ya go!

Ok so i forgot to add it to the mix, but I couldn't leave it out. Bio-Oil is uhhmaazzinng! It says it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. I haven't used it long enough to vouch for that...but it does make my skin feel soft soft and hydrated!!
Hair pic! You can't feel it, but I promise it's soft!! This reminds me, I need to get my hair trimmed!!
What are some of your favorite beauty routines? Anything I should try next Sunday- let me know!!! I love trying new beauty tips/products!!