Forks Over Knives Impact- by Lindsay Matway

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ever have a MOVIE change your life?
“Forks Over Knives” did JUST THAT for me! I will be the first to admit that for the past 2 years my trick to staying lean has been a HIGH PROTEIN/LOW CARB diet… However sometimes there are more important things than just being “Lean”… I am sure we would all agree that our LONG-TERM health is one of them! I know for me, I want be around and HEALTHY for as long as possible! I am on a MISSION to change the world… and it will take all the ENERGY & stamina I can get to achieve the dreams I have planned!

Forks Over Knives really opened my eyes to the difference (both long and short-term) that your diet can make in your health! At 26 years old, sure, I look like a picture of health… but there are MANY mornings that I wake up tired, no matter how long I slept… many workouts that I feel I can’t complete if I don’t take a pre-workout supplement… and as “healthy” as I seem from the outside, something tells me that looks can be deceiving!
So I have decided to test out a NEW WAY of eating… No, I’m not quitting meat all together… I will still have turkey on Thanksgiving! But rather LIMITING my animal proteins substantially (5% of my daily food intake) and filling the remainder with plant based foods and Shakeology.
YES! This sounded terrifying & intimidating to me at first too!!! But, come to find out… There are ALL KINDS of cool ways to make vegan dishes taste just as good (& in the Vegan Tacos case, EVEN BETTER) than their MEATY counterparts!
MY SUGGESTION: Go rent the movie (or if you have Netflix, add it to your instant queue!) and watch it with an open mind!!!
No matter your age… Your health is IMPORTANT… I know this because my brother, David, died from Brain Cancer at 25 years old… WHAT IF his diet had something to do with it? What IF it could have been prevented? We will never know… but if you knew there was a way that you could feel & look better in the short term, and possibly be preventing disease in the long term… wouldn’t it be WORTH trying? I sure think so!
Here are a few Vegan dishes I have tried over this past week that I am IN LOVE WITH!!!
Vegan Tacos! (Click link to see the recipe!)

Vegan Pad Tai

Vegetable Pasta w/ Organic Tomato Sauce