Why Shakeology? What are the health benefits?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

People used to think that as long as they got a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats that they were doing all that they needed to maintain a healthy body.  But this is not always true.  Here are some things that people don't know that can affect your overall health and functioning during the day.
Problem #1:  People are not getting enough protein.
A typical breakfast for American is a bagel with cream cheese or sugary cereal.  You are not getting enough protein with these meal choices. 

Lack of protein in your breakfast can lead to:
  • Problems focusing
  • low energy
  • a tendency to overeat later in the day
  • afternoon cravings
Problem #2:  Packaged and processed foods are unhealthy.  These foods are cheap but are not nutritious because they have been stripped of all nutrients.  They have extra preservatives which can affect your body in a negative way, some of which we don't even know the effects of yet.

Problem #3:  Fresh food is less nutritious today. Even if you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily you may still be lacking some vital nutrients due to our society today and commercial farming.  Alot of the soil has been stripped of vital nutrients, and pesticides have been sprayed on your foods along with antibiotics in your meats.

Overall we are eating to many empty calories with no nutritional value.  This leads to obesity because you are eating more due to the fact that you are eating empty calorie snacks that do not fill you up which requires you to eat again.  You are never feeling satisfied by what you are putting into your body. 
In order to break this cycle you need to eat more nutrient rich foods such as fruits and vegetables and protein.  The key is nutrient dense foods which also are fewer in calories.
How can you cram as many nutrients into your food as possible?  Eat superfoods
What are superfoods?  Nutrient dense foods that help fight aging and promote wellness.
Raspberries, blueberries, cherries, acacia berries, goji berry and camu camu.
Shakeology is packed with superfoods that can help you attain your nutrient dense foods by replacing one meal a day with a shake.  If you were to buy each individual ingredient separately you would spend over $40 a shake!  CRAZY!

Shakeology has many benefits besides weight loss:
1.  It reduces hunger
2.  helps the brain
3.  Promotes concentration and alertness
4.  Positive benefits in mood
5.  Promotes healthy skin and nails
6.  Supports the immune system- which we can all use this time of year!

Shakeology also protects the body from free radicals, prevents cellular damage and helps prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.
It also strengthens your immune system, slows aging, detoxifies the body, and alkalizes the body.

Adaptogens help your body cope with stress and promote energy.  Pre and Pro biotics help with digestion and help break down foods so you can absorb nutrients. 


Shakeology can help curb your cravings for sweets.  Which is great for people who want to lose weight and also for people who want to maintain their weight.  Shakeology also gives you energy to do the things you want to do during the day without that afternoon slump!

I can really feel Shakeology working in my body because I can feel more energy, I do not have cravings for sweets and I just feel much better about myself.  I am not hungry all the time!  I also notice that I am not nearly as sick as I used to be in the past.  The vitamins and minerals in Shakeology are buidling my immune system and helping me to fight off sickness.

Shakeology can also help you lower your bad cholesterol by 38% on average and lower you cholesterol overall  by 30% on average!

Shakeology also has 24 vitamins and minerals that are necessary for daily optimum health!

Shakeology is for people of all ages and can help you achieve optimum health by replacing one meal a day with a shake.  It is $4 a serving which is cheaper than all fast food meals today.

If you are interested in sampling Shakeology or investing in your healthmessage me for the details!  I promise that you will notice a difference in the way you feel or Beachbody will refund you! Love those money back guarantees!!