Lose weight with Turbo Fire!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I love most about Turbo Fire...it's actually A LOT of FUN!! I was such a cardio junkie in my previous life but once I started P90X I fell in love with resistance training and weights. I literally never wanted to go back to cardio...I hated it! I was sick of it and I would do just about anything to get out of it. One cardio days, I would play hooky because I just couldn't deal with the same crap.

My mom got Turbo Fire and I thought...ok that's great FOR HER. She loves to be silly and dance. I was so used to Tony and P90X and I liked the structure...that the thought of jumping around annoyed me lol  It didnt help that the first Turbo Fire workout I did...my mom didn't put it on the 'New to Class" feature so I didnt know what the hell was going on lol

BUT I gave it another chance and FELL IN LOVE!! It's so much fun and I SWEAR, I have never sweat like that in my life!! lol Chalene is soooo motivating and really gets in your head. It IS all mental. How many times have you sold yourself short and stopped working out because you thought you were tired [ LAZY ] I've done it...I quit because I wanted to not because I had to.  Understand the difference?
Are you ready to push yourself? Actually have fun doing it? Test your limits and STOP all of that negative self talk? Well then you just might be ready for Turbo Fire!

What is your FAVORITE cardio workout?