Beachbody Coaching

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ok I know I have been posting A LOT about the coaching side of Beachbody...but I can't begin to explain how incredible it's been for me
Yesterday, in the spirit of gratitude...I was thinking about how much my life has changed in the last 3 years and WHY I love being a coach SO much! 
So many blessings but without a doubt the #1 reason I built this business was for FREEDOM!!

Coming from retail management, I'm a little traumatized by the alarm clock. There were nights we would work until 2am and have to be back by 8am. I missed more holidays & family gatherings than I could count {{nearly every holiday from the time I was 18-25}}
I didn't have the greatest "circle of influence" back then...which kind of made me not like people. How awful is that!?

Beachbody wasn't just about getting's completely changed my attitude & while not every day is peaches & sunshine...I have a LOT of AMAZING days...and when I do have a bad day...I handle it much better than I used to (thanks to my other half hehe) Don't sweat the small stuff!

Since we can work from anywhere...and since I dont have to ask a boss for time off...Jay and I rented this sweet house in Florida for a couple of weeks to Hang out with some of our FAVORITE people Lindsay Matway & William Hodges LONDON  , Tony Stay & Lindsay StayBrittany LeGette
My happy tank is about to be filled!! 

If something in your life isn't working...don't complain about it. Just do something about it. It took me 3 months of debating/researching before I signed up as a coach. I'm so glad that I finally trusted my gut, took the leap of faith and had the VISION to stick it out and see this thing through!

Whatever you're thinking about doing...TAKE ACTION! You won't regret it =)