7 Simple Clean Eating Tips

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to get results:

If you kinda do it... it kinda works.
If you REALLY do it... it REALLY works.

When I talk with my friends who aren’t familiar with the idea of a Eating Clean (AKA: Clean Eating) they assume it’s probably some extreme diet, tough to keep up with over the long-term, and perhaps even expensive for one reason or another. Not true at all..

I follow the clean eating philosophy because it’s so EASY to follow and because it hasn’t made my grocery bills sky rocket higher (We've actually SAVED money by sticking with the basics)
So what can you do to get a flatter more toned stomach by following a few simple clean eating tips without even jumping onto the clean eating bandwagon?
Simply try these 7 simple clean eating tips and watch your stomach get flatter and your abs look more toned in no time at all.

  1. I don’t drink carbohydrate drinks (aka:sports drinks) ...or soda!
  2. Eat less refined sugars.

    Now this doesn’t mean I don’t eat sugar overall. I eat plenty of sugar that comes from fruits, other natural food sources. The key here is to cut out white processed sugar from your daily dietary habits as much as possible.
  3. Avoid artificial flavors and colors.

    This is pretty simple to do by simply avoiding processed foods. If you can’t pronounce the name of something in your food or have no idea what it is then it’s probably processed.
  4. Don’t eat processed foods.

    If you don’t know whether the food is “processed” then just check the nutrition label and read the ingredient list. If anything sounds non-natural, manufactured, you have no idea what it is, or you can’t pronounce it then it’s probably processed food on some level.
  5. Eat more fruits and veggies.

    Your mom had a point when she used to tell you this as a kid and even perhaps as an adult
  6. Eat more lean protein.

    Lean protein include things like salmon and chicken. Lean protein builds, fuels, and maintains lean body muscles. Lean body muscles are what help give people a very lean and toned look.
  7. Drink more water.

    Drinking more water actually helps the body retain less water weight.

If you want more tips/guidance/accountability...if you want sustained weight loss, belly fat loss, and to get a flatter sexier tummy by New Years...Message me for details on my next fitness/wellness group.