Spilling the Beans! Telling Rich I'm Pregnant!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of the craziest and most exciting experiences of my life...Telling Rich that I'm pregnant! While we were trying (you can read about that here), I was still shocked to find out it worked!
I've never been pregnant before...so I had all of the usual worries and fears. What if it takes a year+? What if we can't have a baby for some reason? What if....what if....

We were coming up on three months of trying and I was already imagining HOW I would tell Rich once it happened.
In December (Magic Month #3), I started to have a feeling that this was the month! Part of me felt a bit crazy, but I've learned to trust that gut instinct because it always seems to know best!

I realized that if/when I found out, I am the WORST person at holding secrets in. I would have to tell Rich the SAME day I found out or I'd risk exploding haha

So, even though I felt slightly crazy...I headed over to Etsy on Dec 10th to order some "SURPRISE, WE'RE HAVING A BABY" accessories!

I landed on a Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear set! As you know, we have a pup named Baby Bear so I just couldn't pass it up!  Then I found some custom Fortune Cookies! 

Our first pic as parents-to-be!
While I'm waiting for my special surprises to come in... I was anxiously taking pregnancy tests...daily. (Something they don't recommend- but I wanted to know asap and I only paid $1.60 per test. I talk about this in my previous post)

One morning, I wake up...take a test...and a faint pink line starts showing up! 

My prediction was coming TRUE! I couldn't believe it. I was so overwhelmed with happiness, joy, disbelief, excitement! I'm going to be a (human) mom!
I was shaking, laughing, tearing up...the dogs didn't know what to make of it!

I ended up taking about 7 tests just to be TOTALLY sure! 
AHHH ok now what?! I literally am ready to explode with this LIFE CHANGING news!

By some act of Etsy magic, my special parcels just so happened to arrive on the EXACT day I found out!

Now I have fortune cookies, t-shirts, and the biggest piece of news I've ever had to keep in! haha

I started searching for local Chinese restaurants near us, but it seemed like everything we tried in our area wasn't so great.  I decided PF Changs was my best bet.
Every time we get Chinese, we open our fortune cookies at the end and share our fortunes...I can't eat the cookies (gluten!) but it's always so fun.

At 4pm, I text Rich to see if he was okay with me grabbing some takeout for dinner. I was already SOOO nervous! I wanted to make sure I was able to pick up the dinner by myself so I could swap out the cookies without him seeing!

The countdown was on!!

When you have HUGE news, minutes feel like hours. Rich has a routine when he gets home from work...shower, get settled and then we eat. So from the time he got home...I was trying to stay CALM and act nonchalant.

We finally sit down to eat...and my heart is pounding. Then, just when I want to suggest opening fortune cookies...Rich gets up and starts doing the dishes!

WHAATTT?! We never skip opening the cookies. AHHHH! What to do?

Finally, when everything was cleaned up...I was like "ohhh we have to open our cookies! Come sit back down." The whole time, he's talking about work...and has no idea something big is about to happen!

Before he came out for dinner, I tried to place my phone in an inconspicuous spot. It was perfectly positioned to capture his face during dinner...but when we sat back down...he was out of the frame.
I SWEAR, every time I try to be sneaky and record something...there is a POLE, BANISTER, DOG, or something obstructing the view haha
But it still captures the moment and is fun to relive again and again!

When he opened his fortune cookie, he noticed the paper was folded really small...and then proceeded to take the LONGEST time in history to read his fortune!
I ordered 6 with different captions...but he opened the best one! "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...What we've been wanting has finally come true. Baby Fredette on the way!"

I WISH you could have seen his face. Total shock! I had my totally overwhelming OMG moment earlier that day...so I could appreciate how stunned he must have felt!

He kept asking if I was serious, if this was for real...I think he asked me that a dozen times! haha

The cookies we opened! Rich opened the bottom one which was PERFECT!

We talked all night about how amazing and exciting all it felt!

It was about a week before Christmas...so we decided that the holidays was the perfect time to tell friends/family. Even though it was early...we wanted to share our big news when we were all together!

I started a playlist on Youtube with all of our Baby videos! I still have to upload the video of telling Rich's family.
My family is in Pittsburgh, so we did a video call with them. I overnighted a Christmas onesie as a gift and had my parents open it!

The sound quality is HORRIBLE...but the funniest thing about the call with my family... At the beginning, my mom says, "We decided we are coming down next Christmas for the baby."

"Uhhhh...what baby?"
"The baby you're going to have."

For a second, I really thought she knew! But she was just teasing us!

Same thing happened when our friends came over for Christmas. When Danette arrived, she asked if I was pregnant! AHHH!! haha She said she just felt like I was! So I had to fib and say no so I didn't ruin the big reveal!

On top of all of this.... When Winston was going through his eye issues and surgery in SEPT/OCT... An animal medium told me there was a baby on the way and Winston was the guardian of this baby!!!! As soon as I found out we were expecting, that was the FIRST thing I thought of! Winston knew before anyone!

The day after I told Rich, I opened the ORIGINAL PF Changs fortune cookie...it said 
"Prepare yourself for a change of events in your personal life."

It seems like everyone and the universe knew that this little miracle was coming!