How to Cut Calories

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You think that you have eaten the right amount of calories, and there is no way you have gone over your limit and then you log them into something like myfitnesspal to find you’ve gone way over and you’re just not sure where you’ve gone wrong or what you should be doing differently. So I decided to help you learn how to cut calories and not feel completely deprived. I mean I’m sure you already feel like you’ve cut out so much so to have to cut out more is just crazy!! Is there really a way to cut calories and still be happy? Yes, Yes there is!! Below I will name a few ways to cut calories and not feel completely deprived! See what you think and I’m sure you will be happy you read this!!
  • Cut out the fat as much as possible. Instead of buying your tuna packed in oil, get it packed in water! Or how about when you sautee mushrooms and onions cut out the oil completely! Season with some herbs and spices and see how delicious it still taste! I found some butter at the grocery store called Promise and it is Fat Free! Yes a butter that is Fat Free!! Can you believe it? It doesn’t even taste bad. Try using a small amount of that if  it’s necessary for you to use butter.
  • When you realize you are feeling comfortable while eating call it a quits then! Cleaning your plate isn’t a must. Now I remember when I was younger I wasn’t aloud to leave the table unless my plate was completely clean! You have to break that habit and listen to your body! Leaving some leftovers on your plate isn’t going to hurt anyone! So try and leave a few bites on your plate after each meal. This will add up and help you save on calories!!
  • Check your packages before you buy them! Make sure they are 100% all natural. I don’t know how many times I’ve bought apple  juice thinking that it was good for you to find out that it was from concentrate and had so many additives and sugar added in! Those calories sure do add up!!
  • Downsize!! I know a lot of us have no option, but to eat out, so instead of going for the large size try ordering the lunch size portion instead. Not only will you find this portion will help you feel comfortable, but just by doing this with things like this and many other things will add up. Grab smaller handfuls of nuts, eat one string cheese instead of two. One handful of cheerios it’s crazy how many calories you will save from downsizing on these things!!
  • When ordering or making a salad skip the extras. Ask the person making the salad to keep off the croutons, dressing, and cheeses.  Ask for a light or fat free dressing instead. Just by cutting back on these little items will save you a huge amount of calories!! You also have to watch on certain dressings although they are light they can still be packed with calories, so if you are really trying to watch what you eat try to eat your salad dry or using just vinegar instead. I did this the other day and it actually wasn’t bad at all!!
Just by doing these few things you can actually cut as many as 500 calories! Yes!! 500 calories that is crazy and look how simple.  So learning How to cut calories doesn’t have to be difficult or make you feel deprived it can be as simple as cutting a few things out and leaving behind a few bites!