Is your New Year's Resolution SMART?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage, but simply because they have never organized their energies around a goal."

Ok, so the New Year is officially in full swing! And sad to say, but most people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolution…But not you!! Why? Because you are going to have a SMART New Year’s Resolution!! And I am going to help you achieve this!!
First of all, what is it?
  • Specific  (a well defined and clear)
  • Measurable (if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it)
  • Attainable (needs to slightly out of your reach but you can do it with a real commitment)
  • Realistic (Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time)
  • Timely (Set a time frame/end date that gives you a clear target to work towards)

Goals should be straightforward and emphasize what you want to happen. Specifics help us to focus our efforts and clearly define what we are going to do.
Specific is the What, Why, and How of the SMART model.
WHAT are you going to do? Use action words such as direct, organize, coordinate, lead, develop, plan, build etc.
WHY is this important to do at this time? What do you want to ultimately accomplish?

Be sure to set goals that you can attain with some effort! Too difficult and you set the stage for failure, but too low sends the message that you aren’t very capable. Set the bar high enough for a satisfying achievement!

HOMEWORK: I want you to send me your SMART goal!! Putting something on paper and telling others about it will keep you accountable and I will be able to help you work your way to your goal one step at a time.

To give you an example, here is my SMART goal:

Specific: To reduce my body fat by 2% & to have a lean mid-section/abs by April 1, 2011
Measureable: I will use my Body Fat Caliper to track my progress and record my results in my Beachbody profile.
Attainable: It is within my ability to achieve this goal by committing to and completing my P90X/Insanity workout schedule for the next 90 days.
Realistic: I have already proven to myself that I can stick to a workout plan and see amazing results. (Lost over 20 lbs with P90X and BBL)
Timely: I have set up my schedule and broken down my workout plan by week with my end date as April 1, 2011

Now it’s your turn! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!! I would like to have your goal by Sunday Jan 16th and if you need help coming up with the What? When? And How? LET ME KNOW that’s what I am here for!!!

Bring it! Keep pushing play and remember everyday gets you 1 step closer to where you want to be!!


Your Coach,