Are you eating nutrient dense foods?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wow guys....I just watched this video again....and it really makes you think about what you are putting in your body.  Are you feeding your body with high calorie, low nutrient foods.  Or are you feeing your body with high nutrient, low calorie foods like Shakeology?
I found a new workout buddy!! Yayyy!! And we talked about training, nutrition, and treating your body right.  Not only will you look better...but you FEEL better.  The key to living a good life is not a right, be kind and treat your body right. It's not a secret...but it is a choice.  Are you going to live the best life you can? Or are you just going to get by??

Last night we celebrated passing the big test, and I gotta tell you...I was feeling it today!! I felt AWFUL, sluggish, and had a headache.  Thanks to my new workout buddy, I got my butt up and headed off to the gym.  20 min on the treadmill did wonders...not only for my mood, but my body started to wake up and feel revitalized. We followed that up with some leg machines and then I came home for some Ab Ripper X. I am soooo glad I had someone to inspire me to workout today!! Because if I decided to stay home and lay around, I would STILL feel just as crappy as I did this morning.
If you have not gotten your workout in for the day.....seize the moment! Go now!! I PROMISE you will feel amazing after!!