Dressing Room Blues- Make a Change Now :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Morning everyone!! 
I've been feeling the winter blahs lately, but it looks like it is actually starting to get nice out!  Going to Target the other day and seeing all of the swimsuits out already has me more motivated than ever to reach my goals!  I have to admit, I have been slacking this last week.  But no more! 
I got in a quick 15 minute Cardio X session this morning before work just to get the blood flowing.  I already feel like I am more alert and awake....maybe I should make this part of my daily routine....
Later, I am working out with a friend YAY!! That always makes it more fun! We are going to do a little Brazilian Butt Lift and Ab Ripper X :)

I don't know if anyone else watches Dr. Oz, but I think he is fantastic.  He did a show the other day about how women feel about themselves in the dressing room while trying on clothes. The results were pretty disturbing, but I could not help but to think back to when I felt EXACTLY the same way. I was SO uncomfortable in my own body. But just know that you can control this, you can change your body, you can love your body. 

 From about 1,000 women who has participated in the poll, here are some of the stunning responses:
  • 64 percent participants said trying on clothes in public lowers their self confidence.
  • 53 percent have trouble finding their size when shopping in a store.
  • 41 percent have started working out after a shopping trip.
  • 40 percent of the women have bought something that was too small, hoping it would look good once they lost weight.
  • 15 percent have accidentally ripped or gotten stuck in a garment that was too small.
  • 14 percent of the women have refused sales help so they would not have to reveal their size.
  • 10 percent have cried in dressing rooms about the way they look.
It must be a painful experience to cry when trying on clothes. I feel sad to know that people are crying over their bodies because they fail to get the clothes fit into their bodies.  I hope that these people will take a step back and look at the real problem- sometimes it takes an experience like this to push you in the right direction.
Some women do not have pleasure experience in trying out clothes.  Therefore, they prefer to buy their clothes online or buy clothes without trying them at the stores.  They do the fitting at home.  If the purchase does not fit nicely, they take them back and get refund as long as the tags are still on and the clothes are still new in condition.  While shopping online or taking clothes back home (to try) may help, it may not be the long term solution. 
So, what is the real issue here?
Self image.  It can be that person is obese yet she wants to wear small size dress.  Knowing one’s body type and body size will avoid that situation. Having a positive self image and having the right expectation are important.
If you are not happy with your body image or weight, you can take the healthy route by focusing on eating clean and exercising. That is the magic formula! Simple as that- eat right, treat your body right, and you will feel amazing inside and out. 
Since we are on the topic on trying clothes, according to the same poll, when asked which body part women would want to change instantly, here are the results:
  • 42 percent want to change their waist
  • 23 percent on legs and hips
  • 10 percent on butts
  • 9 percent on breast size
  • 4 percent on arms
Except breast size, girls definitely can do something to all other mentioned body parts, as long as they work out consistently.  Turn the bad experience into a positive energy.Instead of getting depressed of not fit into the jeans, make a mental note to push yourself  and make a commitment to yourself– to exercise regularly and to eat well.  While trying to stay fit and healthy, love yourself and accept who you are, enjoy your shopping experience and be happy in the changing room. :)
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