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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ok, so I can't sleep!! Situation normal!! Arghhhh but my mind is racing, so I thought I would atleast try to be constructive and get some things checked off my to do list!
In the process, I found this AWESOME home workout.....if you guys can do this bad boy need to share your success because this is no joke!!

1,100 rep workout
There are ten exercises that you complete twice. An easier version would be to only complete the ten exercises once, so that would be a 550 rep workout.

Crazy 1,100 rep workout

100- jump rope skips
90-squats ( I used 8 lb dumbbells)
80- side planks- 40 each side
70- sandbag swings or kettleball (35 each arm)
60- jump side lunges
50- pushups
40- jump squats
30- plank reptiles

(repeat one more time- or just complete it once for a 550 rep workout)