Thank You!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank you for being a witness to my fitness!! You guys keep me motivated on those days I don't feel like working out!!

Today I completed Day 5- Legs/Back and Ab Ripper X. Those Pull ups are KILLER....Don't judge, but I can only do 5-8 pull ups at a time...with the chair!!! lol I can't wait to see that number go up! I love the P90X tracking sheets because they really illustrate how far you advance.  If you are not using them now, you need to!
In my 1st round of P90X, I actually had a little calendar that I would track my workouts in. I recorded how many times I paused the video...if I stoppped hard the workout was to me...And looking back on that was the most satisfying thing.  When you get a little bit better at something everyday- it's hard to step back and see just how much progress you have made. There is truly nothing more satisfying than showing Tony Horton and MYSELF that I can keep up! (I know he can't see me...but still! lol)