Brazilian Butt Lift

Friday, March 25, 2011

I am soooo glad I added Brazilian Butt Lift back into my workout routine! I love this workout!!!
It's a lot of fun, and I love how the video jumps back & forth between the group being filmed in an indoor dance studio & the beach. The bright colors and the beach scenes make it impossible not to think about looking good in that perfect little bathing suit. In addition, Leandro's energy is infectious, and I love his accent and enthusiasm. Many of the moves also come from samba and capoeira- so it's hard to get bored. This is not your same old, same old gym routine! I was sweating like crazy this morning!!
Why spend a BORING hour on the stepper at the gym? This workout literally kicks your a$$, hitting every little muscle fiber in your butt through a variety of different moves. If you're saggy or flabby, this will whip your boo-tay into shape in short order. No joke.

The moves are relatively easy to follow and if you have any semblance of athletic ability, you'll pick it up after the first time. It gets easier and harder at the same, since the moves will flow better but you'll be pushing yourself to work harder the easier it becomes. Leandro always says, "Don't settle for less!" which actually makes sense - if you don't give it your all, the only one who gets screwed is YOU.