Bring It!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So I ordered Tony Horton's book Bring It on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday!! It's like Beachbody knows I am the most impatient person ever lol I could not wait to dive it because I've heard so many good things about it!

The one thing that I've always appreciated about Tony is his no gimmick, no-nonsense attitude towards health and fitness. He has capitalized on the fact people are tired of being offered the magic pill, potion or equipment piece to solve all of their fitness problems. This book's tone is no different. Most of his suggestions are very common-sense, but he cuts through the bull so you can apply them to your life.

For people new to Tony, this book has a wealth of information that has helped change people's lives all over the world. I believe that you will find the advice refreshing because of its sincerity. It has everything you need to get started to change your life: nutrition, workouts and motivation to keep you on track. Tony really believes in being all-around fit, so expect a good mix of strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility moves throughout the program.

For those who have used P90x, this book still has some benefits. There are several challenges, maxims, and lists to follow to bring your results to the next level. If you are stuck in a rut and need some motivation, this book is definitely worth a look. As far as the workouts, they are more or less similar to p90x with some different moves here or there, but the format can still be useful.

The format allows for amazing customization. Since all the moves are included in the book with pictures, you can create your own plyo/cardio workout and make it as extreme or pedestrian as you feel you are ready for. There is also a consistent theme in the book that is focused on finding other activities outside of working out for you to engage in. This can also be helpful in finding the next step after P90x.

"Bring It" gives great ideas of other foods to eat as well as recipes. Tony Horton's humor is mixed with facts in a way to persuade the reader to do the right thing in regards to living healthy. I need constant reinforcement to stay on track

This book complements Tony Horton's greatest talent: he is a genius fitness and health communicator. His system is simple - exercise, using muscle confusion and different exercises, and eating clean, healthy food. The book covers all forms of exercise from resistance training to stretching and Yoga. This book is going to be a fantastic companion book for my P90X on the road. The book offers exercises and wonderful recipes that differ a bit from P90X - which is nice. Again, Tony excells at communicating important fitness concepts and health advice to the average American.

What really impressed me is that Tony Horton definitely wrote this book (no ghost writing for him!). His fun personality comes through and this book is a gem. I do believe this book would be hard to fully comprehend without understanding the concepts of P90x - although this does offer a different program for fitness and health. Although, admittedly, a reader could, if motivated, read the book and start a health and fitness regime.

Bottom Line: Tony offers rock solid fitness and health advice - if you follow this program - you will get in shape - I did the P90x (a similar program) and was thrilled with the results. I plan to use this book for my workouts and meals on the road when I travel. For those new comers who want to start to be introduced to what all the hype is about, I would definitely recommend this book.