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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


APRIL 15TH, 2011

Have you ever gotten frustrated during your fitness journey? You follow the meal plan, put in the hard work but you reach a point where you just aren’t seeing the results you want? It’s called hitting a plateau (which I think is basically using a fancy French word to say “hitting a wall”).
Plateaus can be frustrating, no doubt. But you have choices. You can resign yourself to being content with staying on that plateau and maintaining the results you’ve gotten up to that point…or you can choose to break through that plateau and get to the next level.
Sometimes you have to change things up, examine what is contributing to the plateau and explore options that will help you break through so you can build momentum again to get the end results you want. Check out this great success story and learn how Jon Christopher Perez used Shakeology to break through his plateau and achieve amazing results using P90X:
Hi, my name is Jon Christopher Perez and this is my success story…
I was very athletic growing up and simply got too comfortable over the past few years. I was depressed and not used to being out of shape and overweight and found myself having to deal with various ailments including extremely high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My doctors told me I was on the brink of a stroke or even early death.  With the health issues I was dealing with, I was at rock bottom and knew I needed and extreme change.
In May 2010, I saw the P90X infomerical and I was sold – my days of being lazy were over! I decided that P90Xwas going to be my vehicle to jump start my health and fitness goals and I was determined to give it my all over the 90 days and see where it would take me.
I began my journey at 270 lbs and 28% body fat. My goal was to reach 200 lbs. During my first round of P90x, I lost 35 lbs, but during round 2, I hit a plateau. I asked my Coach for tips on how to move past this challenge and he recommended adding Shakeology to my diet.
I first heard about Shakeology when purchasing P90X over the phone, but at the time, the cost was not appealing to me so I declined the offer. But after hitting this plateau, I was interested in seeing what it would do for me – I just had to find a way to work it into my budget.
After several weeks of using Shakeology, I quickly surpassed my plateau and began to lose weight. I was thrilled with its nutritional calue, it suppressed my appetite and best of all, it was delicious!
Thanks to P90X and Shakeology, I lost 70 lbs in 6 months! I returned to my doctor for a check-up and blood work and you can imagine the joy of hearing him say, “You’ve added 10 years to your life! Your blood work looks like a healthy 20 yr old. Whatever you are doing, keep it up and I want to know more about these products!”
I knew P90X & Shakeology transformed my body externally, but I had no idea of the transformation taking place internally! This brought me to tears! My irregular heartbeat, fatty liver, high cholesterol and blood pressure were no longer an issue.
I feel that Shakeology has helped my entire body and particularly my core. I would hate to jinx myself but I must mention, ever since I began consuming Shakeology, I have not gotten sick! Not the slightest hint of a cold, congestion, fever, cough, etc. I know that the aspect of Shakeology boosting my immune system is the reason why.
Shakeology has been the key to achieving my health and weight loss goals! I feel like a finely tuned machine and Shakeology is my fuel! Along my weight loss journey, I won a weight loss challenge in December after losing 28 lbs in 6 weeks! My quest did not stop here. In January of 2011, I entered another weight loss challenge. After dropping another 28 lbs in 8 weeks, I won this challenge also! This brought my total weight loss to 100 lbs in just 9 months!
Shakeology has changed my life and now I’m sharing it with others to help change their lives! My weight loss success has given me an abundance of momentum to jump start my Coaching business. Now Shakeology is helping me and my family financially! THANK YOU BEACHBODY!

This can be you! Join our Beachbody family for free and reach your potential! I just goosebumps just thinking about it!!