Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ok, so I remember the day I got P90X in the mail. What an exciting and SCARY day for me! I remember looking through all of the material and was kind of overwhelming. And of course I HAD to see what the workouts were all about. I decided I wasn't even going to put one in until the next day. I felt like such a little kid that night...laying out my clothes to prepare for the 1st day of Tony Horton school. Now keeping in mind that I had been going to the gym (what a joke lol) I thought that I would be SOMEWHAT prepared for P90X.  Ummmm no. Not at all!! I survived about 15 min and called it quits. Was he serious? Who even came up with these? Not happening!!
The first day was really really hard and I sucked- which explains why P90X sat in my closet for about 6 months. How many people out there have it sitting in their closet right now? I'm willing to bet a lot. 

What made the difference for me? What made me give it another try? Well for starters, I decided to try something to ease into the workouts. Brazilian Butt lift seemed like wayyy more fun and more my speed. It was intense but I started slow and worked my way up.  I told EVERYONE I was doing it, so I HAD to stick with it and I saw awesome results. 

I started plugging in to my Beachbody resources and found an AWESOME coach (yay Lindsay!!) and became part of the Bombshell Dynasty....when you have great people supporting you, pushing you, rooting for just want to go for it!!!! After talking to everyone and seeing their results, I knew I HAD to do P90X and STICK WITH IT!!! 

I took my pics and posted them on Youtube eeekkk!! Talk about being embarrassed lol BUT that was the push I needed to make sure I was sticking with it, pushing play! 

Not only did I stick with it...I decided that I loved it so much that I wanted to help others so I became a coach. I did not sign up to be a coach after I had some amazing transformation....I signed up to COMMIT to a transformation inside and out. The amazing thing is...not only am I happy with my body- but coaching was the boost I needed it ALL aspects of my life. I became nicer, more understanding, more ready/willing to LISTEN to others, I become EXCITED about life MY LIFE and all of the doors that were starting to open for me.
Our team is BLOWING UP!! And it's so exciting to see more and more people take control of their lives. We might be getting bigger....but we are still a FAMILY.  No matter what our goals or what craziness is going on in our know that you have people you can try to for help and count on. 
The day I ordered P90X, I had NO idea that this would all unfold and open up a whole new way of life for me. But I'm glad I took the plunge!

And now, not only have I completed P90X once...I am on my SECOND round!! And I'm doing DOUBLES!!!! I never would have thought after my first P90X workout. So I just have to thank my teammates Farah and Erika for encouraging me and sticking it out with me!!! ***HUGS***