Hey! That Doesn't Belong in My Cart!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unless you have an entire family are clean eaters, chances are you are still finding it a challenge to go grocery shopping with them- Especially with kids! Children are NOTORIOUS for manipulating their parents into buying their favorite junk food. You'll check your shopping cart to find items you did not place there. How do you say no when kids are begging you for their favorite food?
Children are not the only ones guilty of this. A spouse or roommate who is not eating the same way as you can bombard your shopping cart with less than pleasing food items. If you are trying to keep everyone eating healthy, it can be difficult to shop with them. So what can you do?
  • Shop for groceries alone whenever possible
  • Shop at health food markets only
  • Be strong and learn to say no to junk food items
  • Compromise - allow only one favorite item
  • Explain that you have a shopping list and budget for only what's on that list!! This one took me some time to stick to but it helps!
The easiest solution would be to do a bulk of your shopping by yourself. Do you run into this shopping dilemma? How do you handle it?