Why Coaching is the Best Decision I Ever Made

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I was thinking about all of the reasons I signed up as a Beachbody Coach...and how it has evolved.  I started for more selfish reasons 1) Stick to/Finish P90X 2) Discount on Shakeology 3) Have a transformation video! 
But I had no idea it would evolve into something that has changed every aspect of my life. How do I explain how it has led to greater confidence, a better attitude, stronger/healthier relationships, an overhaul body/mind/soul? It's led to becoming part of a HUGE support network that promotes my growth and personal development, encourages building relationships with people I would not have talked to previously...it's made me more patient, understanding and empathetic. It's allowed me to open up and show my vulnerabilities...it's shown me that it's ok to fail at something or mess up as long as I learn from it and don't give up. It's allowed me to live a better life....how do I sum that up?
If you want to watch the webinar about my coach experience...you can go HERE and check it out!