Get out there and Learn!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've been doing A LOT of thinking since I got back from Summit...and it really has my imagination on overdrive! Jusdt to give you a glimspe into my head- here are my notes regarding my top take-aways from Beachbbody Summit 2011.

#1 Team Bonding!
Spending a week with everyone, I really got to learn everyone’s style & how they process the information. We were able to all talk, brainstorm and give input. It really made me think about my PS sponsored coaches and how they interpret information based on their learning style.
I want to help my coaches learn in the way that suits them BEST and put my Aces in their places- help them find their niche! And the identify the best way to build their business based on their personal style.
See where they SHINE and help them develop their best talents as well as their weaknesses.
Suggested reading: Personality Plus!

#2 Time to get uncomfortable!
Test your limits. Push your boundaries. Dare to be great. How do you get past that sick butterflies in your stomach/about to pass out feeling??? PRACTICE!!!
Take public speaking classes. Hold Shake N’ Share parties until you are the absolute expert at hosting them! Talk in front of as many groups of people as you can! Eeek! I know! lol

#3 Stalk your Mentors
Learn from the successful. There is nothing quite like being in the presence of your mentors and leaders. Study how they act, dress, speak, and conduct their business. Visualize their success and how it feels. Engage your imagination.
Spending time with people like Carl D, Chalene, Shaun T, etc… stimulates your drive, ambition, excitement and desire to achieve greatness. I KNOW that their energy rubbed off on the team and everyone at Summit- you could FEEL it! Successful people exude confidence & it’s contagious!
If you get to spend time with your mentor, TAKE NOTES and ASK QUESTIONS!! If you are interested in them and tell them how much you look up to them, they will be flattered to share their story, experience, and secrets to success with you!
Did you have a homework assignment in school to write about your future career? And you had to interview someone about their job? Why can’t you do that now???
Think bigger than Beachbody- find people you can network with in other fields and use their insight to grow your skill set and business. For example: Real Estate agents must be MASTERS at marketing themselves, following up with clients, and keeping an extensive customer database! Or Interior designer- they have to meet the needs of the client even if the client’s tastes are completely different from their own. How do they effectively communicate and ask questions to end up with the desired result? Find successful people in your life or reach out to people and let them know you think they are doing an amazing job, you look up to them for _____, and you would like to get their feedback. Their opinion, ideas and experience are valuable to you and you would like to pick their brain.
What do they do right? What do they wish that they had done differently?

#4 Visualization
Where do you SEE yourself in the future? Sit down and write a list of your goals. Make them specific! Review it each day and think about it as though you have already achieved it. Visualize what it looks like, feels like, how it makes you feel and when you will achieve it by.
To create a balanced/successful life, you should create goals for: work and career, finances, recreation, health/fitness, relationships, personal goals, and contribution to the community.
State your intention. Let people in on your dreams and goals….and you will start to find people who help you achieve them. How are people going to help you if they don’t know what your goals are?
Example: Nikki wants to make BB a Full-Time job. She is FIRED up about it and has made that clear by her commitment. I am going to do EVERYTHING I can to help her reach her goals! Diamond by August!!!
DREAM BIG. Shaun T said he wants to be the face of fitness, the next Richard Simmons!
Homework: Make your Bucket List- what are 100 things you want  to do or achieve in life?

#5 People FIRST!
Relationships are 100% and 0%. You have to take responsibility! When you help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.
Think about your clients. Step inside their shoes. Read your emails as though you are a newcomer & don’t know anything about Beachbody. Are you looking out for their best interest? Are you recommending what is best for THEM? How would YOU feel if you were your client? Be the coach you would want to have.
Check your intentions! People are very perceptive! I personally am re-writing my scripts to be more focused on the customer and pulling out more information FROM them ABOUT them- then I can respond with an answer that TRULY suits their needs.

#6 Treat your business like a Million Dollar Business
Write yourself a check for how much you think you are worth. Are you putting in that caliber of work? If you were the owner of your own business (guess what?! You are!), how much would you pay yourself?
Write yourself a check for the amount of money you would like to make, and then act accordingly! Hang that check where you can see it everyday to remind yourself!