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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ok, I've officially fallen into a full-blown shoe obsession. I'm NOT buying anymore...but I can still look!! These are just perfect! 
Tonight is girls night! Well kind of...Alexis & I started a dinner date tradition. Once a month we find a new, cute little local place to eat and enjoy a one on one girls night. Tonight we are dining at Alchemy N Ale. I can't wait! I've been stalking reviews on and people seem to have only good, delicious things to say about the place. 
Since we are getting older and it's becoming incredibly hard to see and hang out with friends, we decided to invite more people to our girls night. So I guess it's only fair to call it Friends Night. The more the merrier! 
A couple years ago, we used to go to Bacon Night every Tuesday. Ok, yes it sounds sick...baskets of bacon for $1 lol We went more for the novelty of it, the cute outdoor atmosphere and having a commitment to spending time with our friends. I'm a firm believer in nurturing your friendships. There is something therapeutic about talking to your girlfriends every week. I miss that! I think it's time to re-instate a weekly get together. You have to MAKE TIME for what is important to you :)

Here is another Beachbody Success Story for you. I LOVVE these- especially when it's one of my teammates! Jen gave a run down of what she did :
"I became a beachbody coach and purchased the Turbofire fitness program and started drinking Shakeology and watching my calories. I work out 6 days a week, drink my Shakeology a day and eat 5-6 balanced meals per day.

"Feb 27th, 2011, I was in tears in the dressing room. July 9th, 2011, I was in tears once again, but this time, tears of joy. The third picture shows how BIG the same size dress as the first pic is on me now!!"

Making healthy changes goes so far beyond the physical transformation. Your body image affects EVERYTHING you do. Shopping is supposed to be fun, but instead she was crying at the first fitting. Look at her in the middle pic- confidence exudes from that pic! So proud of you girly!!! 

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  1. Thats amazing I love the transformation! I do the same thing with some of my best friends. Recently we had to stop the whole going out thing but we still try to get together for tea : )

    As for your comments via email. I was SICK yesterday
    goodness the last two days have been awful. I got sick from spray tan.

    1. If you do a show HIRE A TRAINER or someone who can help you get to your goal with nutrition as well. PERFECT PEAKING (is a place you should look for on line training). Two women I know have had fantastic results with him (joe) and he keeps food options farily amazing). I didnt have such a positive experience with my nutrition guy. But a coach is important. I also went all out and got someone to help me posing for the stage. HIGHLY recommend this.