Time to Commit! No Excuses! Are you ready?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."
I am sure that a lot of you, just like me, discovered Insanity and P90X through and infomercial, a friend, of even from me! You hear how extreme these programs are and also how amazing the transformation results are of those are that actually complete the programs. I am sure you might have even searched on You Tube plenty of times to see if these workouts were the real deal, and you have probably seen so many real people getting real results! I know what you are thinking. “If they can do it, I can too! Right?!”
So now after you buy Insanity or P90X you expect results! Well I promise you that if you follow the rules of fitness you will not be disappointed! What are the rules you ask? Simple.
Ask yourself this. Everyone has broken a rule without anyone noticing, right? Well, unfortunately the rules a fitness are a little different. Not only does everyone notice when you are following the rules, but it’s even more obvious when you aren’t! You may try and hide the evidence but your body doesn’t lie!
If you are not following the Workout Guide AND a Good Diet, then don’t expect to see great results! It is as simple as that. Skipping workouts and not eating clean are NOT going to get you the results you crave. So many people ask, what if I do the workouts and don’t follow the Meal Plan 100%, will I still get results? Not the results you want! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
What some people don’t realize is that even if you workout to your max everyday, it is not enough.
I cannot repeat this enough: YOU CANNOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET! Period. Without good nutrition, all the hard work and sweat you put into your workouts will go unnoticed! I mean it boils down to what you want more: ice cream, soda, burger, pizza, fried chicken OR an amazing RIPPED body that other people admire and the feeling of being healthy. I’d take the second option. Remember you only enjoy food for no more than 15 min, while you are eating. Is it really worth it?!
A lot of people say“But I’m eating better than I was before”. I hear this a lot. You may be eating better than before, but obviously there is room for improvement. You don’t need to have those fries or that soda or that extra salad dressing.  If you don’t cut out the junk, you are wasting your time. It’s up to you. Do you realize it could take 4 days to work off 1 ”bad” meal?
Diet is 80% of a workout routine! Believe it or not.
If you’re in this for real, you should be mindful of what goes in your mouth. How bad do you want your results? Enough to commit yourself to a Workout Program for 2 or 3 months and enough to commit yourself 100% to the Meal Plan?
If you have been doing P90X or Insanity and are not seeing the results you expected, you are breaking the rules and you know it!
The rules are simple, eat clean and workout hard everyday! If you are expecting extreme results fast, you have to be extreme! If you are performing half way, don’t expect more than half the results!