Empower People!

Monday, August 22, 2011

"When you become an empowerer, you work with and through people, but you do much more. You enable others to reach the highest levels in their personal and professional development. Simply defined, empowering is giving your influence to others for the purpose of personal and organizational growth. It’s sharing yourself – your influence, position, power and opportunities – with others with the purpose of investing in their lives so that they can function at their best. It’s seeing people’s potential, sharing your resources with them, and showing them that you believe in them completely.
The act of empowering others changes lives, and it’s a win-win situation for you and the people you empower. Giving others your authority isn’t like giving away an object, such as your car. If you give away your car, you’re stuck. You no longer have transportation. But empowering others by giving them your authority has the same effect as sharing information: you haven’t lost anything. You have increased the ability of others without decreasing yourself." -John Maxwell

I found this today and it really struck a chord. The most powerful thing you can do in life is to live your BEST life, be the BEST you and light other people's lives with what you have learned. Believe that you are meant for GREAT THINGS... That you were given specific talents, skills and circumstances for a REASON... a PURPOSE that only YOU can fulfill! If you are NOT using these skills, talents, & circumstances that you have been given to serve others... then I am here to tell you, it is TIME! Time to live up to YOUR greatest potential, to be the person you were designed to become! BLESS this world with YOUR unique light! :)"

Here is the PERFECT example of that- By working on my own fitness goals, I inspired Jen. Through this experience, Jen and I became really good friends and I encouraged her to go out in the world and shine her light. She inspired and befriended Natasha, who wrote this today....
"I just want to take a second to love on all of you! And My Coach Jennifer Schmitt. I have NEVER in my life had so much support period, and I know that this time I will succeed because I am able to go back and forth with all of you and encourage you like you encourage me. I've only lost 9 lbs so far and for some reason it popped into my head that I wouldn't finish what I started. Then I came to the Groups looked at pages, struggles, questions, and transformations and it just REALLY made me want to cry because I instantly no longer felt alone. You guys are amazing!!! You Guys are Fabulous, You guys are soo SPECIAL to me:-) Jennifer was the one who introduced me to you guys I will NEVER be thankful enough. My life changed the very moment I got to be apart of the Dynasty :-) Keep up the great work :-) ♥ ♥ ♥...One Day at a time...:-)"