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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I think back to that night in the gym...running the treadmill. I remember feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and like things were never going to change. I felt like I was giving this whole fitness thing my best- but it wasn't paying off. I felt gross, uncomfortable in my own skin. You get to a point where you just think it's your genetics- that you can't even change your body. You were just the unlucky one born with no metabolism. It's really easy to give up when you don't think you can make a change.
I remember being intrigued by the P90X infomercial. I literally watched it for the whole hour I was on the treadmill. I just couldn't understand how a dvd workout was going to actually work and I thought the people's results were photo-shopped. 
Even after getting P90X- it was very intimidating. Honestly, it didn't matter that I went to the gym because I was not prepared AT ALL for this workout. I made it about 15 minutes in before I quit.  Since it was so hard- I gave up time and time again and let it collect dust in my closet. 
Finally, one night at 4am I was searching youtube for P90X before and after transformations.  I don't know what spoke to me about Lindsay's video...but I thought...ok she can do...maybe I can do it too. I signed up with her as my coach and became part of a wonderful, supportive FAMILY of people. 
JUST by achieving my goals and realizing that you CAN change your body and you CAN love your body...I've been able to share my story and help others realize the same thing. If you are sitting there feeling demoralized, frustrated or alone....We are here for YOU!  All you have to do is REACH OUT! 

Joanne MADE MY DAY today when she wrote this!
" I think this is what I was missing... the push, motivation and inspiration. I have fallen off the wagon BIG time and fell in the self-pity. I would set up the alarm in the morning and each morning I had a reason NOT to do it. My head hurts, my stomach hurts, I didn't sleep, etc...
I didn't want to feel alone in this journey anymore. :)
I was looking for someone that is the same as me. I found a lot of inspirational people and beautiful individuals that have lost a lot of weight and look fantastic. Because I don't have to lose that much weight, I suppose my motivation wasn't that great, but let me tell you, I am so unhappy with it all. I needed someone like me, that has done it for the same reasons I want to do it. And found you. So thank you for sharing your story on internet, because I am confident you have motivated a lot of people and for what's worth, you are helping me change MY life."

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  1. I know I havent posted in a while but you have given me inspiration and motivation when I needed it the most. And I need it now. To get back on track. And learn that I CAN do it and I can get back the body I want. :)

    Thank you!