Lack of Motivation stops here! stops now! How to Commit to your workout program!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ok, I don't know what's going on in the air out there but I have been getting a lot of emails lately about lack of motivation! People- it's time to get serious! Everyone has their ups and downs but that's no reason to throw in the towel. 
It's GAME Time people! Stop allowing yourself to make excuses and stop sabotaging your success!!! 

You can be Sore today or Sorry tomorrow!

Give yourself your 100%!  Give your everything. Don't save it for later, don't relax, don't take a break until you have given your all. Until you KNOW you did your VERY BEST and you're making a better tomorrow for yourself. Are you going to live in regret?
It won't be easy- It's going to take heart, PASSION, determination, drive, energy and will power! Yes, It's going to hurt- there will be pain, sweat, frustration. You will doubt yourself, you might even try to give up. You'll wonder if you can even do this or if it's even worth it. You'll think of EVERY reason why you should just throw in the towel.
You will find yourself reaching for that "easy button." Press it and you instantly travel the easy road. That's fine if want to stay right where you are. 
But giving 100 percent, working hard, seizing the moment- that's what will the RESULTS you desire.

Push your limits! Draw energy from untapped reserves. Block out that self doubt! Push FORWARD! 

I'm not saying workout to the point of exhaustion or injury. But I am saying- DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND. 
Decide that TODAY is the day that changes all of your tomorrows!!! 
You CAN do this!

#1 Make a commitment to YOURSELF and share it with the world. One of the things I did when I was starting out was make a youtube video with my "Day 1" pics. Ughhh I can hear you groaning from here. Yes, it IS embarrassing and you feel exposed. You don't have to put your face or name on it but I encourage everyone to do this.  If this is what it takes- seeing yourself up on the "big screen" for everyone to see! TRUST me you will work your booty off to have good results for your 30 day updates. Suddenly cake and ice cream don't look so great

#2 Make a commitment to help OTHERS. I signed up as a Beachbody Coach for a couple of reasons. A) Because of the discount lol B) By helping others reach their fitness goals, it REALLY pushed me to lead by example especially on those days I didn't want to workout. There is something about people looking up to you that makes you push THAT much harder. Ok, so I know you are saying "But Kati, I literally JUST started...I am SOO far away from my goal. How could people look up to me?"
It's about what you are doing, how you are changing. People will see that and your new found confidence and positivity will SHINE through. It's NOT about being perfect- it's about being REAL. And the greatest skill you can possess as a coach, is your ability to LISTEN! It's about helping someone LONG term- not about pushing products on them. it's about matching them up with a fitness routine or nutritional item that actually works for them in their life! 
It's a lot easier to find the motivation to workout when you know you are helping other people do the same! Not to mention the financial incentive (gotta pay the bills right! lol). The better you stick to the program- the better your results. People will see that it works and what to try it themselves! 

#3 Start with something you can do. Whether it's committing to walking after work, committing to give up the office candy, or committing Full force to a workout program. Commit to something you can do, and DO IT. No excuses. See it through. You're not alone. You will have a whole team, a FAMILY behind you, supporting you. Sign up for a free membership like I did and be a part of the Bombshell Dynasty. 

In order to get you to commit...I want you to take the Shakeology 30 Day Challenge! Replace one meal with Shakeology

Let The Shakeology Challenge(s) Begin….
It's really simple!
1) You DECIDE you are ready for change!
2) You COMMIT to sticking with the challenge for the full 30 days.  You can repeat the program as many times as you like. Replace one meal a day with Shakeology
3) You understand failure is not an option. Might there be minor set backs?  Yes…I experience them too.  But you are here because you want results and as long as you make up your mind NOT to quit…failure is impossible.

The program is simple…

It's Shakeology! 

Shakeology is the perfect solution for this challenge because you get everything you need in your Shakeology pack!
1) 30 day supply of Shakeology, which will act as your daily meal replacement shake.  You will drink one shake a day to replace one meal.
2) Two workout dvds.  You also receive (2) great work out dvds to help you in the fitness department.  This is where the transformation comes in!  You receive a 30 minute workout dvd and a 50 minute workout dvd.  You can start with the 30 and work your way up to the 50. And then once both of those are too easy and you are ready for something more intense…we have many fitness programs you can progress to!  {wink}
You will be committing to working out 3-5 days a week to kick things off with the included DVDS, or if you are currently using another fitness program, you can continue with that program.

Remember I am here to help you!

What you can look to receive from this group:
1) Accountability!  Weigh ins will not be mandatory, but keeping the group updated on your success is highly encouraged!  Are your pants looser?  Did you drop a few inches around the waist?  Do you feel more empowered? You get the picture! What transformation changes are you seeing?  Share what excites you the most about your results!!!!  You can even share photos and videos if you like!
When I began to lose my weight initially, and even to this day, I LOVED sharing my results and I think you will too!  I let a lot of people "in" on my weight loss journey so whether I knew it or not, I had people watching me and being and staying accountable to my journey was very important.  Knowing people were keeping up with me and watching me helped in holding myself accountable.  I HAD to get results!  I was thankful for that public accountability!
2) Support.  I am here to support you and offer help along your journey.  I will be here daily, checking in myself, answering questions and cheering you on!  I want you to succeed and I want you to know you are not in this by yourself. 
Every month, upon starting the challenge we will hold an informational, kick off call to go over all the dos and dont's to help you in getting the best results.  I'm not a coach to "sell" products, I'm a coach to help YOU in achieving your goals.  So this call is my way of communicating to everyone how to make these 30 days REALLY count.  How to make THEM ALL count!  I will be sharing my own personal experiences and giving you real world success tips that have worked for me personally and others who have gotten really great results!
I will also, as a bonus, show you how to EARN from this challenge as well if that is something you are interested in – and we'll cover all of that on our first kick off call and/or you can contact me before if that's something you really want to learn about.
You can also expect to receive daily bite sized doses of inspiration and tips to help and remind you to stay the course all along the way!  {wink}  These little bits can really help and make the difference!  

Getting Started:
1) Order your Shakeology!   Whether you order as a customer, club member or coach, place your order as a  {{{ Home Direct }}} order so get the free dvds and extra goodies.  If you decide to not continue on the next month you can easily cancel your home direct order.  There are no obligations or strings at all. I simply want you to get your FREE work out dvds because this will be a big key in you getting better results in these 30 days.  The DVDS are available FREE to our home direct customers.