724 Fit Club- Free Pittsburgh Workout

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

 Last night was EXACTLY what I envisioned when we started talking about opening a free workout group for Pittsburgh. There is something about getting together and working out in a group that not only pushes you to do your best, BUT it turns your workout from a chore into a privilege.
I wanted a Fit club and yet still....after working all day...I just wanted to go home and lay on the couch. Since I offered to help, I HAD to go and now I am looking forward to next week! Not only was it SOOO much fun, but I realized that this is the key to fitness success.

Losing weight is hard. Eating right is hard. Keeping the weight off is hard! BUT if you KNOW you have a fun, supportive group of ladies meeting you every week...you will put in the time, effort and make the right decision when office birthday is calling your name. I don't want to show up week after week as the same person as when I started. I want to show off my hard work and celebrate it! I want to congratulate others on their hard work and commitment.
Last week, I hurt my knee. It was a minor injury...but after a couple days of not being able to workout like I wanted to...I was annoyed, frustrated and suddenly GRATEFUL that normally I CAN workout like a maniac. It actually made me mad...at MYSELF....for all of those times I sat on the couch and decided "Today will be a rest day" just because I was feeling...LAZY. ARGHHH!!!! Why didn't I realize then that working out truly is a PRIVILEGE and NECESSITY! I know a number of people who have health problems that prevent them from walking, running, lifting....and they WANT to. I dedicate my renewal of commitment to them.
724 Fit Club is the perfect way to treat yourself and have a good time. So if you are free Tuesday nights at 7pm....come workout with us. You won't regret it!!
If you can't make that location, join us at 412 Fit Club Sundays at 2pm (soon to be Saturday mornings).

Stop being nervous to meet new people or try something new. Just come! =)