Christmas in September

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A box has been sitting in my living room for about 3 days and I didn't touch it because...well because sometimes I just think I know everything and I assumed it was my Shakeology lol NEVER ASSUME. I popped it open...and to my utter shock and was a PRIZE our team won from Beachbody! 

Carl Daikler is pretty much a genius in my when he talks...I listen with wide eyes and a pen in hand! To get a prize pack of books hand selected by him...well I could just diiieee 
Now, some people might not be all that excited to get a box of books. But anyone who knows me...knows that I literally had a hard time breathing when I opened that box. I could spend LITERALLY hours in Barnes & Noble. Half-Price Books is my secret get away. It's like a treasure hunt in there...I love the way books or old....I love the way the feel...especially a copy you KNOW someone read 100 times and the corners are adorably dog-eared.
I get short of breath when I walk into the library. Did you know you can request ANY book to be delivered to your library?? I am absolutely a book dork and there is nothing better to me than curling up in bed with a book...trying to keep my eyes open to read "just one more page"
I opened my beautiful books last night and they are just as glorious, motivational and beautiful as I imagined they would be. All I can say is...THANK YOU TEAM!!! Love everyone from the Bombshell Dyansty! And thank you Carl Daikeler!