Mommy Means Business!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This post is brought to you courtesy of my team member Melissa Means. She is absouletly fabulous and PROVES that you can not only get your body back after having a baby...but you might actually look even BETTER than before.

No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it!

"You'll never get your body back after having a baby!!!"

DON'T believe that LIE!!! That's all it is...a lie. With hard work, consistency, and the right tools you CAN and WILL get your sexy back... or maybe even better than before!
This first picture is not easy for me to share and post for everyone to see, but I want to show my before, during, and after pregnancy and P90X.  
You may think it's not even bad, but for me and how I felt about myself, it was. Everyone one of us have our own insecurities. Not feeling great about my body was one of mine.  I had NO muscle tone, legs and booty FULL of Cellulite, and No stamina.

Two weeks before I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy!

About 9 months after having my son and day 50 of P90X!

Day 62 of P90X and Shakeology and my first set of ABS!!!! I NEVER thought I could have a tummy like this! 

It wasn't easy being disciplined. It wasn't easy making the choice to press play, everyday. It wasn't easy saying no to things I shouldn't eat. BUT it was a choice I am PROUD of.  I MADE the commitment to CHANGE. A whole new diet and routine. A new lifestyle for me and my growing little family. It's important to me to make a healthy and happy life for my child and future children, so that they don't become an unhealthy statistic. 

SO don't fall into that misconception of being stuck with a body you're not happy with. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The time is NOW. "One day" or "tomorrow" will never come, until YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN! 


Let me help YOU make your CHANGE!!!