Shakeology More than just a way to lose weight

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's that time again!! I have more Shakeology cleanse available =) If you are interested in doing a cleanse, or trying Shakeology....shoot me an email at

I usually talk about the weight loss benefits of Shakeology, but I feel it's important to focus on the other benefits it offers. Someone just asked me...why, if I already achieved my weight loss goals, do I continue to drink Shakeology?
Frankly, I can't imagine going without it.

Health benefits are subjective.  Health to me could mean more energy.  To someone else it could be breaking free from daily insulin injections from their diabetes (my mom).  To another, it could be a stronger immune system to get through their chemotherapy, and yet to another, it could mean getting the most out of an intense workout without having to stop.  
Inflammation is the leading cause of heart disease.  Scientist and researchers now know that inflammation is actually a precursor for the MAJORITY of debilitating acute and chronic diseases.
There are many environmental factors that reduce our immune system.  Stress and poor diet are a couple obvious culprits.  When we are sick and run down more than 3 times a year,  we not only perform at a minimal level, but we consequently subject ourselves to even MORE disease.  Ever notice how some folks seem to ALWAYS be sick?
Lets talk about damaging Free Radicals.  When free radicals bond to molecules within the body's tissues, they can cause damage to cells or to DNA contained within the cells. Free Radicals play a major part in the aging process, in some autoimmune diseases, and in the development of cancer. Eeeek!! Seriously?! Stay away from me!!
Antioxidants are thought to work, in part, by neutralizing free radicals.  We need anti-oxidents to break down eliminate damaging free radicals in our body.  
 What if I told you that Shakeologys Adaptogens (maca root, ashwagandha, astragalus), Phytonutrients ( chia seed) and anti-oxidents ( pomegrante, goji berry) all directly reduce these risk factors?  

  • Shakeology IS different than ANY other shake on the market.
  • Unique superfood ingredients
  • Number of ingredients, 70!!
  • No added artificial colors, sweeteners
  • CLEAN as it gets. Nothing on any shelf, anywhere can say ALL of the above.

There are so many weight loss shakes in the game.  Shakeology isn’t JUST a “weight loss shake”.  I am drinking Shakeology for the 
long haul.  When the right nutrition is put in your body,  your cells, organs and muscles starving for nutrients. When your body utilized what amazing stuff your feeding it, the byproduct of good health BECOMES weight loss.  It does NOT work the other way around. Think about it, when people who put weight loss first, they usually end up being nutritionally deficit (typically not eating enough!!).  When you focus on HEALTH BENEFITS first with weight loss as the direct result of good health, you SUCCEED.  

I'd love to hear about YOUR health concerns and what you are doing to address them? What runs in your family?

Another reason I love Beachbody/Shakeology.....the ALL Natural benefits. BB only uses ingredients provided by mother earth, in their natural state.  The majority of companies take the easy route and toss in splenda, artificial flavors, colorings and sweeteners to make it take more appealing and compromise quality for appeal.  Look at at the ingredients by Body by Vi, slim fast, most GNC shakes.  They’ve compromised integrity for bring you an “ice cream shop” of super-fun flavors.  Many Shakes have hidden metals in them as well.  Im serious. I have read consumer reports articles about the dangers of these hidden metals.  
Because BB Shakeology uses true cocoa powder to mask the taste of it’s earthy ingredients, or what ever else nature provides to make the taste appealing,  you KNOW that you have a credible, healthy product that is truly 100% natural.  

 I deduct the cost of Shakeology from my monthly grocery budget and found that I have actually saved money by avoiding trips to Subway and other naughty places ti eat when I'm on the run.  On my trip to Wilmington, I actually spend $7 to get a egg sandwich...that I could have made at home for $1. Situations like that remind me of just how happy I am to have a shake I can grab.

Another piece of advice for ya....take your pictures!! There have been some skeptics! For example....Neil....

He works out, eats healthy...didn't think he would benefit from Shakeology. As an experiement, he replaced one meal a day with shakeology.....