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Friday, September 9, 2011

This is why I love Beachbody. This blog post from the CEO shows the important of working together, really caring about our team and building a relationship with them! It's NOT about just signing people up and forgetting about them. We work as a team, succeed as a team!!!



This morning I started calling a random sample of people who recently cancelled their coach accounts. My goal is to find out what we didn’t do to live up to the promise, if anything. And I also want to find out if it really is possible for ANYONE to achieve success with this business, or if there are only a few special people who can overcome the resistance to succeed.
One half hour of phone calls and I want to put my face through a window.
I heard the expected excuses which would come from anyone who was recruited in the business without “Getting Started Right” and without a firm commitment to some compelling “why”. It makes sense, since most people never managed a business themselves, much less became the essential CEO of their own business. That’s a brand new dynamic for people, and for some, they never give themselves the chance by diving in, seizing the opportunity and being a professional at it.
But then there was the phone call with the nice woman who cancelled her son’s account because he was on active duty in the military and didn’t want him to have to pay the monthly fees while he was deployed.  WHAT?
How could that happen?
We announced at Summit that sign-ups and monthly fees were waived for active military! We asked everyone to make sure they took that message down throughout their organizations. We wanted to make sure that these folks and their immediate families, who are serving our country and protecting our freedoms, have access to this opportunity so they can build an income and organization to which they can transition when they retire from service.
I consider this cancellation my own failure and opportunity to improve. (And that’s how I look at every set back, every cancellation, every product return and refund… and opportunity to improve. )
Why didn’t I make sure we got this message down throughout the organization? Why didn’t Coach Relations pick up the fact that this coach’s son could have stayed engaged if she knew about the free sign-ups and no monthly fees for active military? Why did her upline not make sure she knew about the free offer? And why didn’t our training help that upline coach understand the importance of having a deep enough personal relationship with the coach so they would have known the son was in the military?
This is a people business. It is important not only that we get people engaged in the motivation to get healthy and fit, but we need to create enough of a relationship with people that we can remind them of their “why” when they consider quitting. We need to know them well enough that we make SURE to tell them about any new promotion or offer from the company. We need to find a way to not just recruit coaches, but get them engaged in what we are doing on all levels. This business is CONSTANTLY evolving as we learn, so it’s critical to stay connected and pay attention to what’s new!
Money doesn’t magically appear by signing up as a coach or by signing a coach. Wealth is created when we create value for a paying customer.  In this business, that value is created and sustained by building a relationship and by being organized enough to keep them engaged without dedicating all our time to keeping them engaged. That’s the purpose of weekly calls. That’s the purpose of Success Teams. That’s the purpose of the Getting Started Right program. That’s the purpose of knowing, and remembering, the “WHY” of the people you are trying to help succeed.
I will get better at making sure we follow through at all touch points. We will get better at communicating. And we will end the trend of obesity by influencing behavior, and that influence will come from creating accountability within positive, supportive relationships. I will need the help of coaches to make that happen and make sure the message reaches everyone. That it will not happen without effort from both of us.
For those of us who really care about this business, that effort is worth it, and that effort will help thousands of people who feel isolated in this journey.
Let’s make sure people know what’s happening. Let’s not leave anyone behind okay?

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