5 Workout Excuses that aren't good anymore!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trust me, I've heard it all before. I've even been the one giving excuses. But the buck stops here people! Enough is enough!!! I will come to your house if I have to! We are ending this excuse cycle!

Overcoming obstacles to exercise

“I don’t have enough time to exercise.”
Research indicates that even short low-impact intervals of exercise act as a powerful tool to supercharge your health. If you have time for a 15-minute walk with the dog, your body will thank you in many ways. I have a little peddle thing at my desk so I can peddle away while I'm typing lol
“Exercise is too difficult and painful.”
Consider “no pain, no gain” the old fashioned way of thinking about exercise. Current health studies prove that exercise doesn’t have to hurt to be incredibly effective. You don’t have to push yourself to the limit to get results. You can build your strength and fitness by walking, swimming, even playing golf or cleaning the house. Make it fun!
“I’m too tired to exercise.”
Do you believe that working out will leave you feeling worn out? The opposite is true. Studies show that regular exercise is a powerful pick-me-up. It can significantly reduce fatigue and make you feel much more energetic. After plyo, I'm ready to conquer the world! In the middle of it, I feel like i just might die haha but your body will surprise you!
“I’m too old to start exercising” or “My health isn’t good enough.”
It’s never too late to start building your strength and physical fitness, even if you’re a senior who has never exercised before. And exercise is a proven treatment for many diseases—from diabetes to arthritis. Very few health problems make exercise out of the question, so talk to your doc about a safe routine for you. If I can get my mother to workout, trust me...you can too! I believe in you! Start small!
“I’m not athletic.”
Do you hide your head when the tennis ball approaches? Are you stumped at the difference between a foul ball and a free throw? Join the ranks. Don’t worry if you’re not sporty or ultra-coordinated. Instead, find an activity like rowing, walking, or yoga that makes you feel good to be in your body.
You have to work on yourself! And realize you are worth the effort! <3