How do you stay motivated to workout?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Staying motivated to do just about anything is hard. Add HARD work, sweat and an hour commitment to that...and that a serious up hill battle. 
Especially if you...have all day...have a gazillion other things on your to do list to get accomplished.

"It's the start the stops most people" and getting started is def the hardest part. Once you get're fine and actually you feel A LOT better after. You feel accomplished, bad @ss, and productive! It gives me some SERIOUS clarity and I'm always zipping around after.
While I’m fitness fanatic, there are times I really don’t want to work out. Let’s face it, after a long day at work, sitting on the couch watching TV, or playing on the internet can sound A LOT more appealing. Working out in the mornings sounds good in theory...but yea that's not happening lol
So how the heck do you get motivated after a long day at work to exercise if you’re not a fitness nut and sometimes you HATE the thought of exercising? 

1) Write Down Specific Goals

You’ve probably heard that setting goals is important, but that’s not enough. Goals must be specific, quantifiable, and you need to set a date! Write down your goals and put them somewhere you can see them! I actually wrote mine down, took a picture with my phone and saved it as my background. Keep them visable! I read them out loud every night before I go to bed. Reading them helps condition your subconscious mind to believe in your goals. Your outward actions (exercising and eating well) will reflect this desire & belief.

2) Write a Contract with Yourself

Sounds kind of crazy but it's been proven to help people stay motivated. 
(1) Specific fitness goal
(2) What you plan on doing to reach your fitness goals (how many times per week you will exercise etc.)
(3) Address your barriers (excuses!!) to exercise and eating well and how you plan on overcoming them (i.e. avoid the sugar cravings, or not use lack of time as an excuse to miss a workout)
(4) Date which you must reach your fitness goal
(5) Your signature and the date you signed the contract.
Create a strong sense of accountability with the right contract, especially if you put some skin in the game (maybe even put some money on the line). There are tons of ways to help inspire you to make a commitment that you won’t break, so be creative! Check out  You can check a goal, put some $$  on the line and if you don't reach your goal...they send your $$$ to a friend, charity or ANTI-Charity!

3) Visualization

I am ALLL about this! Picture how you want your body to look and feel? Dig deep! Answer the questions about your visualization:
  • What are you wearing?
  • What are you doing?
  • Who are you with?
  • How exactly do you feel? What is your emotional state?
  • What is it about the way you look/feel that is so appealing? Anything in particular?
Once you have a clear and detailed image of your visualization, whenever you are faced with a barrier to exercise or healthy eating, think of this visualization. Think about it often. The power of visualization can have a BIG impact!!! This helps me TREMENDOUSLY! Find a picture of your dream body and hang it on your fridge! 
Never trade what you want MOST for what you want NOW

4) Find your Emotional Trigger

Usually, there is one final trigger before we take action to workout and eat better. Your breaking point! For some people it is a doctor telling us we have high cholesterol, or may become diabetic. Maybe when you went to slip on your favorite pair of jeans, you were busting out of them. Or maybe it's watching a loved one struggle because of their weight.
Find your trigger & use it to your advantage. If you have  a pair of pants that reminds you of your weight gain & how you don’t want to feel, keep it hanging in your room in clear view. Every time you come home from work and are considering skipping a workout, those pants will be staring at you!!

5) Track your Progress

If you don’t track your progress, you will have NO idea if you are getting closer to your goal. Don't freak if you don't start dropping lbs or inches right away. Assess the feedback (whether good or bad) and adjust your fitness program accordingly. Over time, seeing your weight go down, your energy levels increase, or any other positive change can be a huge motivator. I love the tools on! You can log your progress and set goal, track your workouts and there is a ton of great info!
motivation to exercise 2 7 Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Exercise

6) Join a Support Group

This was a game changer for me. Once I opened up about my goals and let people know what I was trying to do...I found support in a lot of surprising places. Tell your close friends and family about your fitness goals. Making changes to your lifestyle can be hard! It's nice to know someone has your back! I love love love the positive energy!
Join my team here and I'll support you every step of the way! Last night it become clear to me how helpful it is...I was tired..I was lazy and I needed a PUSH from my friends!
I am fortunate enough to meet with my friends and support group every week!
Check out & see what it's all about!

7) Subscribe to a Fitness Newsletter/Blog

Consistently receiving fitness related emails can keep you on track! There are thousands of fitness newsletters and blogs to choose from on the Internet. I have a newsletter that I send out with helpful tips that worked for me...ok ok maybe I'll a little biased haha If you want me to send you messages sign up on my team and Ill hook you up! Just go here! Or email me and let me know you want in! 

P.S. Is there something that I missed that helped you stay motivated to reach your goals? Did any of these 7 methods work for you? Please comment below!
Hugs and kisses!