How to get a Bikini Body!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heelllppppp!!! How am I supposed to narrow it down to only 5 bikinis? I know I have 4 weeks until my trip but I'm trying to stay ahead of the game (for once!) and plan my outfits! I really just want to bring my whole closet.

Why do they have weight limitations on suitcases?

I seriously think I might to try jam them all into my suit case! I need options!!!

But I know, I know...the MORE important question do I get the BODY to rock the bikini! I am a FIRM believer in the PERSON makes the outfit! 

Starting March 5th, I am running a 6 week booty challenge! 
It will be 6 wks long & focus on firming your legs, tummy and booty with the BRAZIL BUTT LIFT program (same trainer as the VS Angels use!) And I send you my personal meal plan!

  • Follow the Brazil Butt Lift workout
  • Replace ONE meal a day with Shakeology (3 flavors to chose from! Endless recipes to make!)
  • Check in with me and the group on Facebook in our secret group!
Ready to start??? Go here to sign up for the challenge! On the next page you can get your workout program and Shakeology. THe nice thing...they save you some $$$ if you get them together! Then I will add ya to the private group! I cant wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are ANYTHING like me...I am SKEPTICAL about everything. I need to see to believe lol Soooo I thought I would recruit the help of one of my best girlfriends, Rachel. She joined my Brazil Butt Lift challenge group and these are her ACTUAL results that I had to TALK HER INTO posting lol She was self conscious about posting pictures (especially day 1) but seriously look at her! amazing! and I am sooooo proud!

If you need some moves to get you started, you HAVE to check out this video!!!!