Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I need a vacation! Getting back on track after vacay is HARD! I was in such a groove before we I feel like I'm exhausted to my absolute core. Dramatic? ok maybe... I am such a big baby!
My workouts been a little sketchy...aka I haven't done them for 2 days...BUT I am 100% all over getting back to eating healthy.
Guess who had one of EVERY single dessert on the dessert table for FOUR days...------>>> ME! And I am PAYING for it! haha Today is the first time my tummy has stopped hurting since the trip. But that Cheesecake was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Today's Breakfast- English Muffin, Egg whites and tomato = Heaven

I've been talking to a lot of people lately about motivation. They seem to think to be a “motivated” person, you must feel enthusiastic & dedicated to work out every single day. If you don’ are clearly not motivated and there is definitely something wrong with you. You suck.

The issue with this? There is very little room for error or rest or just laziness. It’s practically impossible to ALWAYS be motivated. Umm Im only HUMAN! 

So, if you operate under this thought process and you don’t feel like working out, you feel guilty. Feeling guilty is NEVER good, in my opinion, because you just end up self-sabotaging! 
 Instead of beating myself up for missing a couple of days...I see the BIG picture. It's not about being's about doing my best and living a healthy life for as long as I'm blessed to be around. Taking 2 days off doesn't make me an epic failure (like I used to think) Instead, I think of today as a clean slate and chance to get right back into the swing of things.
I no longer doubt myself and it feels good