Workout Motivation

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quit thinking about when and how you will fit in your workout today, or if you have enough energy/time/motivation for it.. and just START IT!
You know who you are =)

Practice makes perfect! I was soooo horrible at P90X when I first started! I STILL fall over in Yoga lol But every 3 minutes, I was stopping to take a break.  I couldn't do a pull up to save my life...but I kept at it. Some days were annoying, frustrating...I wanted to give up...scream...cry...but thankfully I didn't. I pushed past the soreness and while I was not perfect or even good....I stuck with it. 
Over time, your body changes and sometimes you just don't realize it until you pull those old Before pictures out and have a "omg I had back fat/rolls?!?!" moment.
If you are out there...searching for a reason to press on...I'm telling you that YES it IS hard...but in your know it's worth it!