Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May in Review

Just sayin....

Woahhhh May is almost over? When did that happen? I feel very fortunate to have had the most AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, ASTONISHING, and BLESSED year of my life! I felt like reminiscing about the last month so here is a mini recap

Santa Monica Sunset =)
Friends don't let friends skip workouts!
Hanging on the beach with some of the sweetest people I know 

Shopping! Ok WINDOW shopping ;)

Fit Club! Getting my sweat on with my pals!

Yea, you better watch out ;)

Beach day! We saw dolphins!
Universal Studios
Beach! This will NEVER get old!
Ha! Love these!
I'm learning to stop and smell the roses more. You come back to life/work/family/friends refreshed and with a HUGE sense of gratitude and appreciation. 


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  2. Your blog is seriously a part of my daily life. I'm so thankful for you. You have inspired me more than you know! Love ya!