Apple Crisp with Frosting

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I daydreammmm about being able to eat without getting fat haha Wouldn't that be the life!?!? Luckily I've discovered how to make some delicious breakfast/desserts that FEEL like you're cheating but actually are healthy alternatives. Can I get an Aaaaa-men!

Seriously, I love breakfast so much that I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner....any time, any where. MMmmmmmm! French Toast Eggs, Protein Cinnamon Roll, and my recipe collection just got a little bigger with latest creation.... Apple Crisp with Cinnamon!

Let's talk about this for a moment....just imagine the cool, creaminess of cool whip paired with the sweet tartness of you bite in you taste the cinnamon and little pieces of almond mixed in the oatmeal. Mmmmmmm oatmeal ;) 

Ok so down to's how you make this baby


  • Old Fashioned Oats (I HATE quick oats- icky! they are chopped into a million lil bits and it tastes like gruel)
  • Almonds (I like Slivered)
  • Apples (any variety will work- I used Granny Smith because it got bruised in the trip home from the store)
  • 0% Fat Greek Yogurt
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Sweetener (I used Agave & Stevia but you can use Maple Syrup, honey, etc)
Ok so for starters, I cored the apple and cut into small pieces. Put in a pot on the stove, add cinnamon (use your discretion- I like A LOT). Add 1 tsp of agave, honey or syrup. Again, use what looks right. Turn on medium heat, stirring occasionally until it looks like apple sauce.

Note: I made this while I was cooking dinner so I'm not sure how long it took on the stove. You don't have to babysit it but keep an eye and maybe turn down to low heat after a little bit

Once you have your "apple sauce" mixture you can add it to your oatmeal. I used 3/4 cup. I like mine very "oatmealy" lol
Add almonds and more cinnamon- stir together

Now for the "frosting"

1/4 Cup Greek Yogurt + 1 packet of stevia + dash or two of vanilla. Stir. Voila! 

Top your apple crisp with the frosting! And enjoy!

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Do you have a favorite recipes that feels like you're cheating?? Share in the comments below! 

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  1. Thhis was amazing!! Thanks for sharing. My kids loved it too.