Whipped Banana Toast and Body Beast

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We are officially ending the first week of Body Beast and I'm a little surprised to say that I love it. I doubt that Sagi is trying to be funny, but the workouts are hilarious. 
"The beast" gives the guys in the workout a hard time, ex: "Did your mommy write you a permission slip." "You're lifting like Barbie" It cracks me UP! I've said this time and time before...for me to workout, it has to be FUN! and while the atmosphere in the workout is def a man's world...Sagi provides enough levity to keep me smiling throughout the grueling 50 min workouts.  

The workouts actually go by really fast! I am constantly pausing because unlike P90X, Sagi doesn't mess around between sets. You go from one immediately onto the next. This is going to be AWESOME when I have the workouts down pat. After doing P90X for awhile, I found myself fast forwarding thru Tony Horton's long talking spells. I love him...but speed it up! 

 To keep the floor clean, we are using Power Blocks instead of having weights all over the place.  I have to pause a lot to switch out the weight- but I like the fact that they are compact!

This week I had an idea to change breakfast up a little bit. I adapted the Whipped Banana Oatmeal recipe to come up with a Banana "Sauce" for our toast. 
I heated the Almond milk and sliced bananas on medium heat. Added a little Agave Nectar (or you could use syrup, honey) and cinnamon. Stirred until it looked like apple sauce.
Pour over Whole wheat toast and enjoy!

We ate ours like banana sandwiches! Delish!