619 Muscle Long Beach Branden Ray Flex Magazine Shoot

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Had a really cool experience recently- we had the honor of going out to support our friend Branden Ray's at his photo shoot for Flex Magazine! 
This gym was ridiculous- 619 Muscle has hardcore. People were there to WORK. I've never been to a gym like this- really cool to see some of the IBFF pros workout . 
Talk about motivation!
Branden taking a break =)

Check out the awesome wall art!
Cool fun fact- this is where they did the Muscle & Fitness photoshoot for Flo Rida!
Pics from Muscle & Fitness

They have had visits and shoots with tons of pros! Check out one of my favs- Nicole Wilkins

and Pauline Nordic- she is known for her booty! Go to fighterdiet.com

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  1. Kati the name of the gym is Metroflex Long Beach and 619 Muscle is our Supplement Store located inside the gym. I'm really glad you enjoyed the HARDCORE-NESS of our gym....this is my HOME!!! We have photo shoots in here all the time with a lot of great talent. Hope to see you again....You and Jay are always more than welcome to come on down for an awesome workout!!!

    Tonia Moore
    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder