Beachbody Leadership Retreat 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Woweee! We had an action-packed, educational, fun filled weekend in Dana Point at the 2012 Beachbody Leadership Retreat. They really rolled out the red carpet and pampered us!

If you are a coach, you want to make sure this is on your goal list for 2013!!!! 

Beachbody pulled out all of the stops for us! Seriously, our room was incredible. We did NOT have to pay for hotel, travel, parking, food...they hooked us UP!
We started the weekend with a Welcome Reception with the top coaches and the fun never slowed down!

It was an absolute honor to listen to the publisher of Success Magazine/author of The Compound Effect...Mr Darren Hardy! 

We had an awesome team building game, lots of new announcements and training and ended it with a BANG! Our 80s party was CRASHED by Chili from TLC!!! 

What some of the other coaches had to say about their trip:

There is a burning desire inside if me to make a difference. It was set in concrete this weekend being among all the top leaders in Beachbody. It was such an amazing feeling to feel like you belong, your a major player on this team, and we are all working towards the same goal. By 2030 the USA is projected to have 50% of American obese. We have a serious goal! #endthetrend   -Ashleigh Reyes 

I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be surrounded by such positive and inspirational people that are willing to share their lives, time, knowledge, and passion with others. Sometimes I wonder how this has happened and why we are doing what we are doing as Beachbody coaches but I KNOW that I was born to do something great with my life and that everything I have ever gone through, every rejection and failure I have ever came through, has been for a reason and a purpose. We continue to fail our way to the top, you all lead by example so thank you. You all rock. -Scottie Hobbs

THE ENERGY in this room is.... NO WORDS. I am feeling so blessed to be sitting here with top leaders in the network with one goal... ending the trend of obesity. I am in this to the end, until our children grow up knowing how to live healthy and fulfilling lives. You can ignore me or join me, but I can gaurantee, the latter is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY funner and more rewarding. -Kristina Delgado

Looking around this gorgeous California resort I'm surrounded by and looking at the faces of "THE" Top .05% of all Beachbody Coaches, that qualified for "Leadership". Just 14 months ago I started this amazing career at....ZERO. 
Seriously, someone pinch me. -Seay Stanford 

Our Newest Coach! Chili from TLC! 

One of the COOLEST things that happened this weekend...Chilli from TLC JOINED TEAM Beachbody AS A COACH!!!!!