How to Organize your Kitchen & Pantry

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

Tips to help you reorganize your kitchen, pantry, and fridge so that success is not just simple and convenient but visually enticing.
Your kitchen makeover starts with making it convenient and easy to eat healthfully.  Creating a healthy kitchen boils down to the following:
  1. Gathering the proper tools and ensuring easy access to them.
  2. Repacking bulk items into single servings.
  3. Placing fruits, vegetables, and healthful foods and snacks at eye level.
Right Tools in the Right Places
Each tool that you use on a daily and perhaps even mealtime basis should be kept close to the area where you prep your food.  I suggest having the following all in one drawer, plastic container, or cupboard for quick easy access:
  1. Paring knife
  2. Vegetable peeler
  3. Measuring cup
  4. Food scale
  5. Snack size plastic bags
  6. Plastic 1 cup size reusable containers
  7. Cutting board
  8. Chopper
Repackage Your Food
Warning:  open bags can lead to saddlebags.  You and I both know we are going to keep reaching into that bag of snacks or treats and eat well beyond an individual portion.  Here's a tip:  Repackage bulk snacks, say raw almonds- into an appropriate portion size (14 almonds).  When you come home from food shopping take the time to divvy up food by serving size.  If you have small children in your home, this is awonderful way for them to earn their keep and help mom!!! 
Use small plastic bags or reusable plastic storage containers to organize your food into the right portions.  For example, my kids love whole wheat pretzels.  A portion size is 10 sticks.  So I fill up little bags and throw them in the pantry at eye level, and make it simple for grab and go snacking.
I also, will spend time on Sunday's baking chicken, cutting up veggies and fruit and putting them in tupper wares for the entire week.  Then, each day I open up the fridge, grab what I want to eat, throw it in my cooler and go!