Black Friday Beachbody Deals

Friday, November 23, 2012

If you are like ME, you are feeling a little rounded and bloated today after yesterday's feast! LOL. Well, the KEY to guilt-free feasting every once in a while is that you IMMEDIATELY jump back on the healthy horse and keep riding forward!!! Being that this is the BIGGEST DEAL DAY of the year, Beachbody has discounted a few of it's TOP PROGRAMS (including P90X, which never happens!) If you have been THINKING it's time to get your booty movin'... I'm here to tell you, NO MORE EXCUSES, IT IS!!!

These deals don't go live until 12pm ET/9am PST, so hold your horses for just a couple more hours... then it's GAME ON! Happy Shopping! XO

Check out ALL of these Deals at:

If you already know what you want, you can go straight to the page!

P90X® w/ 3 Shakeology® Packets $99
POWER 90 (Pre-P90X)
Hip Hop Abs (For those who like to DANCE!!!)
Body Gospel® $24.95 
10 Minute Trainer $59.90Squishy Ball $3.95 

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