Bombshell Rank Advancement Kelly Bonnell

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Please help me celebrate the latest Bombshell Rank advancement! Miss Kelly Bonnell just advanced to Emerald rank! She is a passionate wife and mother of one and she recently just got her PiYo certification so that she can start teaching classes. She leads from the front and strives to set the example. I can always count on her to recharge my inspiration xoxox 

Congratulations! Let’s start from the beginning! Why did you decide to sign up as a coach and what does this opportunity mean to you?
I bought Insanity online, started going through the program and after every video saw the "you can be a coach" videos, started researching it and really couldn't find much negatives, they were there, but the overwhelming positives cancelled them out. I got my own awesome coach who just inspired me even more and made me believe that I could also achieve the level of success that the entire team was working towards and I made the plunge and signed up! 

2. How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?In becoming a coach and a product of the product, I realize that I am more accountable to myself and to others. I realize how many excuses I used to feed myself everyday just because I was too lazy to actually follow through with anything. I am more positive, healthy, and helpful than I've ever been in my life.
3. As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?I hope to be able to pass down the amazing sense of team that I have seen being executed in this teams day to day activities. I hope to be able to inspire them just by the way I choose to carry out my life and my conversations. I want them to believe in themselves, to hit the ground running and never look back!
4. What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?
DO IT NOW! Seriously don't wait! The faster you sign up the faster you can start improving your life!

5. What has been your favorite part of this journey?
Watching my mind, and heart grow. I have more compassion for people in general, and I feel the need to reach out more. Instead of what about ME? It's how can I help YOU? And it extends further than just let me help you lose weight and get in shape. I want to help everyone with everything.. you need help moving.. call me.. you need help with your kids.. call me lol

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