Bombshell Rank Advancement Kasey Wooten

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Bombshell makes it to EMERALD rank! Miss Kasey Wooten is the sweet southern belle on the team. I remember when she first messaged me asking for accountability. She has to work EXTRA hard at her fitness with her thyroid condition but she never lets that get her down and she's had an INCREDIBLE transformation  Since then...she has been such a LIGHT on our team...always with a word of inspiration and a smile. She brings joy with her everywhere that she goes. Somehow she balances her adorable daughter, a husband, work, school and does it all with a smile. Love ya girl! Congrats!! xoxo

Congratulations! Let’s start from the beginning! Why did you decide to sign up as a coach and what does this opportunity mean to you?

I decided to sign up as a coach because I wanted to help change lives with support and encouragement! I wanted to help others like my coach helped me. I knew it would also help keep me accountable and on track with my new-found lifestyle!

How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?
I am realizing some strengths I had that I never realized before! I have been able to toss out medications, shop for new clothes, and gain a new respect for my body physically and mentally! I enjoy with all my heart helping others and watching them reach their goals! It is the best feeling EVER! I am happier, have a more positive outlook, and feel more fulfilled!
As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?

I hope I pass down to them to ALWAYS be encouraging and supportive. It is so sad to me that all people need is some support, and their lives can change dramatically and they successfully reach their goals!! Think about it, support equals success in every area of life: school, relationships, work, heck even in elections! WIthout support people get no where and I think we forget that! We may not be able to relate to what someone has been through, but we can relate to how support has changed our life, and how it can change theirs!!

What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?
My advice would be it really helps you stay accountable along your journey. I think it is an amazing opportunity if your heart is on fire for helping others!! You cannot be a selfish person and be a successful coach. It is all about paying it forward. Someone out there is in your shoes right now and they are looking for your help!

What has been your favorite part of this journey?
My favorite part of this journey has been the people I have met. They are all so amazing and hold a special place in my heart! I feel like I have learned something important from every single person! I love my beachbody family! They are so supportive and I know I will be friends with some of these people forever!

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