Bombshell Rank Advancement: Tammy Fitchett is now an EMERALD Beachbody Coach

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Emerald Beachbody Coach- Tammy Fitchett

Congratulations to Miss Tammy Fitchett on reaching EMERALD rank as a Beachbody Coach on Team Bombshell! What a MOUTHFUL haha
Tammy is one of the most dedicated hard working, supportive and loving moms that I know. Every time I talk to her I get a BIG DOSE of motivation and she ALWAYS tells it like it is! No sugar coating with this one =) If you want RESULTS, she will get them. I'm really excited to share her story...because you'll want to remember her name! Beachbody LEADER BOARDS watch out! She is coming for you!
Pregnant with her little girl!

1. Why did you sign up as a coach and what does the opportunity mean to you?

The reason I signed up as a coach, well at first it was for the discount of shakeology and I really liked the idea of helping people. However, at the time the discount of Shakeology was more appealing.

2. How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?
P90X Results (Left) ****Before Pic (Right)
I really like this question. My life has change in SO many ways. Coaching has provided me this really cool opportunity to see myself in a truly different perspective. Yeah I had the physical transformation, but what really had the biggest change was the personal growth that I did on the inside. Who would have thought I would be able to really have to address my self doubt. At times we have all these little things inside us making us question whether we are really able to achieve goals that we set or can I really run my own business. I really had to challenge my own comfort zone in so many ways. For instance, changing the way I eat. I never thought I could ever get to the point of having a fridge full of healthy options, instead of convenient foods. However, today if you looked it would be full of things that grow from the earth and take time to ripen.
This has become a wonderful way of life. Being a product of the product means welcoming change (whoa!), challenging my comfort zone and not setting limitations.

3. As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?
I would have to say the biggest thing I want to pass down is being self reliant. As in, we can not always depend on someone to be there fore us, or encourage us, motivate us, or carry us. There is a matter of self assurance that we MUST develop, because if we do not we could easily slip back to the comfort zone. However, if we really become self reliant, truly taking ownership of who we are, and Valuing ourselves and you will succeed. Do to the fact there will not be any compromising of US.

4. What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?

I would say definitely do it! Why? Well aside from the $40 initial coaching fee, the $15 dollars a month is a great reminder of not wasting money on junk. You may not be ready immediately but others can grow from watching you take the first step in becoming healthy!
5. What has been you favorite part of this journey?

The entire ride! The ups or working out the downs of lazy days and still pushing through. I was really able to see how “struggles build endurance” and the importance of making my own way!