Bombshell Challenge Day 3- Hike

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Bombshell Challenge Day 3!
I am SUCH a homebody! Jay literally has to drag me out of the house...even when there is fun involved...I'd rather just stay home with Baby Bear. I'm such a nester!

But in an effort to change my ways (at least somewhat) and spend some more quality time with friends...we've decided to do a once a month get together. First on the agenda...A hike at Will Rogers State Park. The view is unreal!  It's GORGEOUS! You can see the beach of Santa Monica, LA and you have a prime view of the mountains. Truly paradise!!

Since we are on day 3 of the Bombshell Challenge, we didn't want to miss out workout so this was a perfect fit! Friends help friends stay fit so it was nice to be able to do something all together. 

Next month, we might go see Dani's improv show or maybe find a volunteer project. As much as I love my's kinda nice getting out. Especially when the company is amazing =)

Ready for our Adventure!

Puppy Kisses!

My lil Baby Bear!

My lil Family!

My loves! 

Fueling up!

These suckers are HUGE and so delish!
haha not my best hair day

cuddle time with the baby

My Commitment for November!

My team's Commitment!

Spa day! Got my fancy schmancy eye lashes put on! I feel so GLAMOROUS!

Working late! Sooooo excited about my new coach training program! Late night means late night cravings! Nothing a little Shakeology can't handle


  1. Love this blog!! Obsessed! You are so cute! Your hike looked so fun! Let hang out soon! Can't wait to start beach bod!